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Love Food by First Loving Yourself

In the practice of becoming more open and vulnerable with you, I will admit this blog post was much more difficult to write than I expected due to the unresolved pain caused by others in the past over my food choices and habits. I believe people’s food choices should never be the subject of ridicule, judgement or backhanded comments.

Why I Stopped Dismissing Compliments About My Kids

Years ago, I decided I was going to have a loose script of replies that I can use when people give my kids compliments. Some responses I use a lot, but saying the same thing about my children over and over only helps them believe what I'm saying even more.

Why Your Mom-Bod Is Freaking Awesome

You can’t hate the way you look while telling the child who looks like you that he or she is beautiful.

Setting the Stage: a Healthy Self-Image for My Daughter

As parents, all of us carry with us something from our own childhood that we want to be better for our children. Maybe you...


If you're anything like me, maybe your New Years Resolution list looked something like this: 1. Stop watching Netflix on my e-reader and read my...