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Being “That Parent”

I must admit, one of my FAVORITE parts of motherhood is being "that parent." It allows me to help other mommas that are going through similar struggles by sharing our journey, the hills and the valleys. 

How We Can Fix the Bullying Problem in Elementary School. For...

Solution: GO GET SOME DANG GROWNUPS for lunch and recess. Put them EVERYWHERE. Call them “social skills ambassadors” or something else fancy.

How to Stop Bullying in Elementary School. For Real.

Because humans aren’t perfect and children can’t possibly know what they haven’t been taught, it is entirely plausible that even the best kids are unknowing contributors to the bullying problem at large. THIS is the secret spot where the solution lives.

Moving Past the Down Syndrome Diagnosis

The moments we have with our son now can sometimes still be rough (after all, he is a four-year-old middle child), but they are not nearly as rough as they were. My thoughts are not always about Down syndrome, and that too is okay. It was okay to grieve; it is still okay to worry. Even more, it is okay to not be consumed and to let my child just be a child.  

Change of Plans {When Your Down Syndrome Diagnosis Comes with Leukemia}

Hayden tackled chemo like he tackles life: with laughter, positivity, and a side of singing and dancing. He was hooked to an IV pole 24/7 during chemo, and within a few days, he gave pole dancing a whole new meaning! He had dance parties with the nurses at night, to the Spice Girls "Wannabe," and sang at the top of his lungs during the day.

When the Path Through School Isn’t Easy :: Raising an Atypical...

The academics, he mastered. He mastered them in a heartbeat. It was the "everything else" he wasn't mastering. The listening to directions, keeping hands to oneself, and keeping emotions in check were far from being mastered. We were on the verge of being kicked out of the employee daycare center. Our whole family seemed to be in a downward spiral, and we looked for something, anything, to stop it.

How My Son’s Life Was Saved by Down Syndrome

I don't remember much from the delivery -- but I remember hearing him cry for the first time. I remember my husband telling me how incredibly beautiful he was -- the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. I remember seeing him in the incubator as they wheeled him out of the room to the NICU. I remember feeling relief as I drifted to sleep. My baby was okay. My baby was healthy. My baby was PERFECT.