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How I’m Saving on My Electric Bill with Google Home Hub...

I'm actually looking forward to receiving our electric bills this year . . . even during the summer months! *GASP!* Why, you may ask? Because we've started using the Google Home Hub to keep track of our electricity usage through Reliant! Tracking our usage through the Google Home Hub has been a total game changer to cut back on electricity costs, and here's why . . . .

Making a Case for Music Lessons

We teamed up with Creative Soul Music School in our search to answer the question of whether kids should take music lessons, and we've got to tell you: The instructors get it. Music lessons accommodate the student -- musical interest and learning needs -- to cultivate a lifelong skill.

Guide to Local Photographers

We’ve polled social media, sent out the call for local photogs, and are happy to present the “Guide to Local Photographers.” We hope it is a helpful resource as you make photography decisions for your family. 

Guide to Indoor Activities

The “Guide to Indoor Activities” features options all across Tarrant County to get your family active and having fun indoors no matter how frightful the weather outside may get.

Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed to Ask About IVF

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) sounds daunting at first, the staff at Fort Worth Fertility knows, but it also helps about a quarter of patients achieve the families of their dreams.

Taking the Pressure Out of Parties

We have all fallen prey to party pressure. We strive to host the ideal party, chasing a vision of Pinterest-perfect spreads, themes, party favors, and the encompassing minutiae that turn into a host-trap. We fret over an endless lists of details that ultimately take us away from the most important element of the party: spending time with our guests and enjoying ourselves!

A Natural Place to Learn, Play, & Grow :: River Legacy...

An in-depth look at all the River Legacy Living Science Center has to offer kids of all ages -- and their parents -- who love to explore and learn about nature.