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What I’ll Tell My Daughters About Birth

If the day comes that you decide to have a child, I want to tell you what I think you should know about bringing a new little life into this world.

Pregnant Thoughts on a Second VBAC

You might be a home-birth, medicine-free, labor under the stars kind of super woman, or a "hook me up with that sweet, sweet epidural" powerhouse. Whether you give birth in your bed, a bath, or in the hospital, you and your body are undergoing nothing less than the extraordinary.

Tribal Birth: The Importance of Your People

There is something incredibly powerful about being surrounded by a group of friends and family, all working together towards one common goal. Sure, I was the one who was enduring hours and hours of back-to-back contractions, back labor, and sheer exhaustion, but my village stood in the gaps and filled in where I simply could not.

Birth of a Homebirther

Delivering my third child in my own room was the most peaceful, empowering experience I've ever had. I moved when I wanted, ate or drank if I felt like it, and no one pressured me about anything.

4 Questions About Birth Photography You Were Too Polite to Ask

Fort Worth photographer Bree Perez of Bree Linne Photography answers four questions about birth photography you were too polite to ask.

Early Arrival: My Micropreemie Birth Story

All I can remember is looking at her father and saying, "We don't even have a camera. This wasn't supposed to happen today." He held my hand, and the pressure on my abdomen started.

A C-Section, a Still Birth, and Baby K

As I watched the monitor and Dr. S. moved on to Baby B, I remember feeling an immediate sense of dread, just knowing that something was wrong. The change on his face confirmed it. His voice choked up: “That baby is dead.”