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Your Summer Strategy :: Momfessions Podcast :: Episode 2

Co-hosts Beth Ferreira and Emily Youree share their summer strategies, hoping you can relate, laugh, and gain some tips about what to do . . . and not do!

Be a Summer Snacks Hero :: 18 Snack Ideas to Save...

Kiddos playing, skating, biking, running around with friends, and swimming all day means some hungry bellies will be yelling “Mom! There’s nothing to eat!” One of the most dreaded hurdles of summer time is feeding your growing, active crew. As much as we all love the drive thru, even that gets old after the third or fourth trip.

Bring on the Boredom {How Embracing Boredom Fosters Ingenuity}

I actually wish I could tell my younger mom self to bring on the boredom and welcome it with open arms. What time gradually revealed to me is that on the other side, through the tantrum or outburst, creativity and imagination were given enough room to find root.

The Librarian Mom’s Summer Reading Challenge (and Printable!)

There are so many fun ways to encourage reading in the summer, and the benefits are fantastic. Reading helps prevent the "summer slide" teachers are so concerned about, and it gives kids a break from the screen. Reading engages the brain, activates the imagination, and is fun! 

We Ditched Media Last Summer, and My Kids Didn’t Die

Within a few days, my kids were offering to help with dinner, condescending to their younger sibs to play their favorite game or read a book aloud. They were organizing themselves, cooperating, and genuinely loving each other better. These were the kind of people with whom I wanted to spend the summer. Without even the possibility of video games on the mind, everyone settled into the new routine. 

Eight Ways We Are Rocking Motherhood This Summer

We have done so many fun things this summer, but friends, I'm tired. I'm tired of drinking my coffee on my patio at 8:00 a.m. and it already being 90 degrees outside. I am tired of my little ones getting tired of the water table exactly six minutes after I fill it up. I am tired of my kids whining because the van is too hot. 

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Mom

Don’t get me wrong -- I love my children and relish the opportunity to spend our summers together. But filling their buckets is going to be difficult when my bucket is bone dry. And that’s why I have decided to create a summer bucket list for myself, full of those things that feed my soul in a way that makes it possible for me to be the best version of myself.