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How to Raise Solid Sleepers

I have successfully taught all five of my children to sleep through the night by six weeks old. If it sounds like I am bragging, well . . . I am.

Fighting Sleep :: When to Rule Out Sleep Breathing Disorders

Unlike sleep apnea, which causes the airway to collapse and stop breathing, UARS is similar to breathing through a thin straw at night. Because the individual is struggling to get in enough air, this causes multiple arousals throughout the night, leading to broken, unrestorative sleep.

I’ll Always Long for You :: A Love Letter to My...

I will always want to be with you. I will still find ways to sneak away with you on on quiet afternoons, relishing whatever moments we can steal together.

Do NOT Disturb :: Mama Is Sleeping!

Let me start with a question that seems simple but is so complicated to a mom: Why do YOU feel so guilty about resting?

Navigating the Uncharted Waters of Newborn Sleep with Newborn Nightingales

A common misconception leads parents to believe they need to wait until the baby is older to instill good sleep habits, but newborns can be excellent sleepers when you start implementing these healthy sleep habits early.

The Secret Sauce for Sleep Training Babies

I know there are a lot of factors at play here, but I truly believe that finding a sleep training method that works for both you AND your baby, creating and implementing a nap and bedtime routine, and sticking to the training method you choose can make all the difference in your baby's sleeping success.

10 Things to Do When You Can’t Sleep

To inspire my fellow sleepless mommas, I polled the moms of Fort Worth Moms, and we have some ideas to keep you busy -- or at least entertained -- in the middle of the night.