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I Work Mostly with Women

If you’re looking for your own voice, take it one day at a time. Look around you at the inspirational women in our own Fort Worth community. Women are paving the way one step at a time, and you can, too.

Five Tips for Surviving “Work from Home” Life

I haven’t regretted my decision to work from home for a second, but it’s definitely been something I’ve had to (and still am) learning to get used to. Going from having to be at the office at a certain time on certain days to being able to work whenever (and wherever) is a whole new world. 

An Ode to the Working Mom During Summer

We have nothing but love for our stay-at-home mama sisters (who most definitely deserve an ode of their own), but sometimes it just helps to know you're not alone.

To My Single Mother on Father’s Day: Thank You.

You cooked and baked with us. You took us fishing. You kept on top of our schoolwork, ensuring we studied and did our projects on time. You taught us to drive a stick-shift car in the empty high school parking lot. You met first dates at the door with a stern, sometimes fumbling, always cautious greeting. You prayed every day for us to have the lives, the education, the relationships, you never did.

The Road Back to Me :: Discovering Passions Through Motherhood

You see, becoming a mother isn't always about remembering who you were before. Sometimes it's about finding who you are now. I don't know where my passions will lead me in the long run. Maybe I'll be a doula forever, or maybe I'll go back to school to become a midwife. Who knows. One thing is for sure: Becoming a mother didn't take away my identity.

Children: The Ultimate Identity Thieves

Eventually you will transition from mommy to mom, and when you do, you'll want to make sure you still know who you are beyond that title.

Too Blessed to Be Stressed?

Just because you are super lucky and very blessed doesn’t mean that it’s not okay to feel stress and pressure. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to say, “Wow! This is hard.”