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Here’s a snapshot of what’s in a typical mama’s mind: What’s for dinner? What do we need from the grocery store? Do we have enough pet food? Toilet paper? Did we get a present for the birthday party this weekend? What holidays are coming up? Did I hear someone cough last night, and do we have medicine? Wouldn’t fresh flowers look nice on the table? I wonder if I can squeeze a few errands in during my lunch break tomorrow at work.

These questions — and many, many more — are constantly streaming through many mamas’ minds. But just because we THINK about it, doesn’t mean we have the physical capability to execute it all. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. Plus, who wants to? 

That’s where Favor comes in. Favor is an app that’s about to become many parents’ BFF. Simply put: It’s a service that can deliver anything. Simply download the app, specify what you need delivered delivered, and when, and runners will deliver right to your door.

Favor makes life easier for busy parents by offering a fast and friendly delivery service.

Favor makes life easier for busy parents by offering a delivery service.

Since Favor was developed right here in Texas, they knows the ins and outs of the area. They take pride in lending a helpful, hospital hand, just as Texans do best.

Favor has created a special discount code just for FWM parents! Use code FWMOMS to receive a $20 delivery credit. Here are some suggestions for how you can use it:

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1. Have Weekly Household Items Delivered

That pet food you forgot to buy for the umpteenth time? Delivered! Need some cold medicine pronto? Delivered! Need an afternoon coffee pick-me-up? Delivered! 

Sure, grocery pick-ups are convenient, but you still have to get in the car, figure out what to do with the kiddos, and drive to the store. Even though you’re not the one walking up and down the grocery aisles, it can be an inconvenience to drop everything to go pick up groceries. 

Schedule a weekly grocery delivery and add that extra 30 minutes back into your day.

Bonus: Favor is part of the H-E-B community! You can get free, one-hour delivery of H-E-B Beer and Wine, Blooms, and more when you order through the Favor app!

2. Treat Yourself with Delivery

Whether it’s lunch, a sweet tea, or a goodie bag of spa night items, don’t shy from spoiling yourself once in a while. We’re here to tell you, you work hard enough to enjoy a special something. 

We know you’ve uttered, “I wish someone would deliver my [insert: coffee, Dr. Pepper, chocolate]!” a million times. Favor’s reply would be, “We can help with that!”

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3. Solve Dinner Dilemmas 

“What’s for dinner?” is a far more involved question than it seems on its face. You have to take into consideration what ingredients you have and what you need. If you know what your family likes to eat, then order it!

Since many restaurants don’t offer delivery, Favor is the solution. The options are endless, no matter if you love Taco Cabana, Whataburger, McAlisters, or another Texas treat.

Use Favor to have your favorite local items delivered to your doorstep. 

Use Favor to have your local favorite items delivered to your doorstep.Favor is a delivery service app created right here in Texas. They deliver your local favorites, such as food, wine, and more, plus everyday essentials like groceries and other errands. What’s more, Favor delivers within 45 minutes. Follow Favor on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with their offerings!

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