A Fun Family Outing :: National Soccer Hall of Fame and Soccer 90

Ever feel like you get in a rut when it comes to things to do around town? Me too. It’s especially hard to find a “fresh” outing to take the kids when you’re deep in the trenches of motherhood and your brain is frizzled from keeping up with homework, appointments, extra curricular activities, trying to keep the house *somewhat* in order, dinner on the table (or the counter . . . sometimes it’s just a free-for-all, right?!), and the list goes on and on. 

Well, we at Fort Worth Moms got ya covered! We try our best to stay in the know of the best family-friendly spots to check out around town and we are super excited to share with you our new find.

If you’re looking for a fun day out with the family, you should put the National Soccer Hall of Fame (NSHOF) and Soccer 90 on your must-do list! Here are four reasons why NSHOF and Soccer 90 are a great excursion for all families. 

  1. IT’S FUN! You don’t have to be an avid soccer player or even a die-hard soccer fan to enjoy the NSHOF. It is an interactive sports experience with virtual reality games, loads of interesting information and history about soccer, and a really awesome view of the FC Dallas soccer field. 
  2. IT’S CUSTOMIZED TO YOU! Your experience is completely tailored to you so you can get the most of your experience. First thing after you check-in, you create a profile. You and your family members get your picture taken and answer a couple questions. The virtual reality games have face recognition software that saves any pictures, videos, and scores from the game to your profile. It isn’t mandatory, but it’s an easy way to capture memories of your experience right after your visit. All of the videos, pictures, and scores are sent directly to your email.
  3.  IT’S FAMILY-FRIENDLY! My whole family had a BLAST playing the virtual reality games . . . even my three year old! We kicked, we caught soccer balls, and cheered each other on . . . all in a cool, air conditioned building. My family enjoys being an active family, but it’s hard to be active outside in the middle of a Texas summer. Can I get an amen?! The virtual reality games gave us the best of both worlds. We played “outdoor sports” and enjoyed some AC. There’s also a great room where you get the best view of the FC Dallas soccer field!
  4. IT’S A GREAT PLACE TO GET SOCCER GEAR! Connected to NSHOF is Soccer 90. It’s perfectly located at the exit of NSHOF. If you and/or your kiddos are soccer fans, you NEED to hit Soccer 90 up! It’s chock full of all the soccer things. After having such a fun time at NSHOF, we wanted a memento to remember the day we had together. Lucky for us, Soccer 90  had it covered. They have a plethora of soccer balls available in all different sizes, a ton of jersey’s, soccer gear, small trinkets, and completely customizable soccer scarves. We created a special family scarf ourselves while in the NSHOF using their virtual program and picked it up on our way out at Soccer 90.  

Have you been to the National Soccer Hall of Fame and Soccer 90? If so, what was your favorite part?

Lauren S
Lauren is a gardener, amateur chicken rancher, and semi-pro Pinterest recipe tester who has mastered the art of reheating her morning coffee and evading the endless requests for snacks. Whether it’s solo traveling across the country or a picnic lunch in her front yard, she ensures her life each day is an adventure. With a professional background in sales, social media management, marketing, and business administration, Lauren is the embodiment of the organized creativity that’s reflected through her writing and work as sponsorship director and media coordinator for Collin County Moms , Dallas Moms, and Fort Worth Moms. Lauren resides in the Mid Cities with her husband, Sam, and three children.


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