Campers Grow in Mind, Body, and Spirit at Camp Olympia


:: Disclaimer :: This post was was sponsored and written by Camp Olympia to bring helpful information to Fort Worth Moms readers. ::

Established in 1968, Camp Olympia is a private, overnight Texas summer camp for boys and girls ages six to 16 offering one-, two-, and three-week sessions from June through August. Blending its rich camping history and experience with its continual growth and exciting additions, Camp Olympia is a nationally recognized summer camp.

For more than 50 summers, Camp Olympia has given campers a fun, caring environment, where they can grow in body, mind, and spirit. Nestled in the Piney Woods of East Texas, right on the shores of Lake Livingston, Camp Olympia has the perfect location for outdoor exploration. Campers can choose from 45 different activities, ranging from wakeboarding to golf to horseback riding, with activities scheduled by age group.

Campers can enjoy horseback riding at Camp Olympia summer camp.Camp Olympia has gone above and beyond many private camps to demonstrate its commitment to safety by complying with the accreditation standards of the American Camping Association (ACA) and requiring an extensive counselor training school prior to the beginning of summer. At Camp Olympia, your child will get the care they deserve and memories that will last a lifetime!

The Pros of Going to Camp

The decision to send a child to summer camp can be a big step for parents, but camp can be a life-changing experience for children with character-building benefits that make an impact far beyond that first summer. Camp promotes independence, resilience, friendship-building, and confidence, and you’ll see the visible difference when your child returns from camp!

Since Camp Olympia’s first summer in 1968, a lot has changed and grown like the property, activities, and number of campers, but one thing that has not changed is how a summer at Camp Olympia impacts kids’ lives for the better. “Camp” is its own world with its own traditions, lingo, silly songs, and even mascots that quickly feels like home for campers. Camp Olympia has created a purposeful environment that is a “positive zone” where kids feel free to be themselves. 

Kids can foster good friendships at Camp Olympia.

While being away from children during their camp session can be tough for parents, campers grow so much from the experience. Campers get to make their own decisions, with guidance from their counselors, whether it’s what to wear for an activity or how to show good sportsmanship during a game or competition. The newfound independence this creates builds self-confidence and resiliency in campers.

At Camp Olympia, wins and successes are celebrated, but failures are seen as opportunities to learn and grow. This kind of attitude encourages campers to try something new or take on something they may not have known they could do themselves, like working to ace a cabin inspection after a lower score or finally getting up on water skis after many attempts. 

Camp Connections

Camp is also about connecting with fellow campers and counselors and building lasting friendships. With increasing dependence on technology, real human connections are crucial for building social skills. At Camp Olympia, campers experience life unplugged and are able to make real connections! As a result, campers relate to one another on a deeper, more meaningful level. Camp friends are the best friends!

Camp Olympia has always believed in the importance of recognition to build confidence. Awards at camp are given a wide variety of ways, including earning merits for good deeds, achieving certificates in activities, or winning ribbons in Spartan/Athenian competitions, but recognition goes beyond awards. Counselors strive to find what is unique about each camper and celebrate it, so all campers feel welcome and fully comfortable. There is no pressure to “be cool” or follow a pack. Camp Olympia is where you can be you! 

Among the several activities, campers can enjoy water sports like tubing at Camp Olympia.This summer’s theme is “Out of Sight!” After 50 years of summer camp experience, this summer will the best one yet! At Camp Olympia this summer, we’ll have fun, try new things, make new friends, encourage one another, be present without electronics, dance like no one’s watching, learn responsibility, cheer loudly, and more. It’ll be an experience like no other, and simply put, it’s “Out of Sight!” Register today for a 2020 Summer term!

camp olympia logoEstablished in 1968, Camp Olympia is a private, overnight TexasSummer Camp with a boys camp and girls camp for ages six to 16. It is a classic kids summer camp in Texas, offering two-week and three-week sessions for seven- to 16-year-old campers and one-week sessions for six- to nine-year-old campers. The beautiful location on Lake Livingston in Trinity, Texas, is the perfect setting for fun, sun, and adventure! 


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