Ready for Summer? Let’s Go! (to Camp Olympia)

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Thinking about summer yet? If you’re like us at the Fort Worth Moms Blog (FWMB), you are probably beginning to feel that distinct blend of anticipation and dread. With our children’s break from academics and extracurriculars comes a slow, hot season of “Mooom, we’re bored!” Do yourself a favor and start considering summer camp. Now.

These programs offer structured activities in a safe, supervised environment for one week — or even three. Apart from offering kiddos adventure and memories to last a lifetime, the benefits of camping run deep. One of our favorite Texas summer camps, Camp Olympia, follows a mission of helping kids not only to have fun, but also to grow in mind, body, and spirit. The directors and counselors know how important it is for children to safely experience the oasis of camping, to make connections with peers, and to be active in nature miles from home.

If you aren’t familiar with Camp Olympia, it is a private, overnight summer camp roughly three hours southeast of Fort Worth. Situated on the shores of Lake Livingston in east Texas, the camp offers one-, two-, or three-week sessions for boys and girls ages six through 16.

So, what will your kiddo do at summer camp?

Camp Olympia, summer camp, inflatibleHave (Safe) Fun

This year’s theme at Camp Olympia is “Let’s Go!” The staff matches that enthusiasm for adventure with dedication to the safety of campers. Your child will choose a unique schedule from more than 45 activities — including water skiing, golf, and horseback riding. And all this fun, along with group activities and peer bonding, will happen under the supervision of counselors who are carefully recruited and trained at a week-long clinic prior to camp.

In addition to highly trained staff, Camp Olympia boasts accreditation by the American Camping Association (ACA). You can read more about what ACA accreditation means to the camping industry in this Newsweek article. Camp directors ensure the program and the site meet the strictest standards of professionalism, safety, and excellence — enforcing a four-to-one ratio of campers to counselors whenever possible. As busy mamas and worried parents, we like those odds. Oh, and did we mention the two on-site nurses equipped for minor injuries and illnesses? Read more about Camp Olympia’s medical care and food and nutrition that help make healthy, happy campers.

Camp Olympia, Summer Camp, camp directorGet Unplugged

Part of the camp experience fun is getting away from the distractions and stresses of everyday life. At Camp Olympia, participants are required to be unplugged. It involves literally and figuratively unplugging — from all electronic devices as well as dependence on the Internet and social media. Kids will take a break from TV, computers, phones, video games, and iPods for the duration of their stay. Instead, they will enjoy the outdoors and face-to-face connections with peers and counselors.

Just because of the unplugged policy — and the bad cellular signal around the campsite — don’t expect zero communication with your camper. Parents are encouraged to send messages via USPS or a special email service, and kiddos can write back as often as they like. (Click here to learn more about how communication works at Camp Olympia.) In addition to the cell phone, see what else your child should leave behind — and what he or she should bring — in the suggested packing list.

Camp Olympia, summer camp, camp counselorBuild Character

Aside from honing relation-building skills offline and in the real world, your kiddo will engage in character-building activities while away at summer camp. The program at Camp Olympia is tailored to teach children age-appropriate responsibilities and cooperation in an environment that inspires confidence. So far from your nest, your little bird is bound to learn independence, resourcefulness, and teamwork.

It’s no wonder how Camp Olympia was recognized as one of the best camps in the U.S. To find out more, attend the open house on March 23. Tour the facilities, meet the full-time staff and many of the summer counselors, and enjoy the carnvial. Or complete this online form to schedule a personal tour.

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  1. My son went to Camp Olympia this summer. When I picked him up he was sick. He had been sick for over a week and no one noticed. I looked at his throat and it was covered in oozing pus. I took him to the doctor. He had strep throat and had lost 9 lbs. I spoke with Cody, a director at the camp. He explained to me how everything was my son’s fault and took no accountability. My son told his counselor his throat was sore. He stopped eating, was coughing and was falling asleep at his activities but nobody cared enough to do anything about it. Send your kid to this camp at your own risk.


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