Cheers to Award Shows and Tacos


It’s that time of year for big shows — whether in Hollywood or on the gridiron. This season also means big things for Fort Worth Moms Blog. It’s our annual dinner and award show too!

On January 17, we gathered at bartaco to enjoy a meal family-style and to celebrate what we accomplished in 2019. Yes, bartaco just happens to be a favorite spot for FWMB. We ate there after our mega event prep for Bloom 2019, so it felt like the perfect spot to reminnsce about the milestones met and plan for the changes ahead.

bartacoFWMB loves our partner bartaco so much because it’s your one-stop dining locale. I’ve personally had many a date night there, but it is also perfectly family-friendly. The atmosphere is casual enough for kids but cool enough to make you feel like fast food is a distant memory. And the menu?!?! The food is so fresh and meets the needs of lots of pallettes — gluten-free, vegetarian,  and picky kids approved — because who doesn’t love tacos? Check out bartaco on its social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Tell them Fort Worth Moms sent you if you stop in for a bite to eat. (Recommendation: order the corn fritters and the churros with chocolate sauce. You’re welcome.)

Also, our friends at Project 40/31 and Tapout Fitness sponsored swag for the evening’s festivities — because what’s an award show without swag, right?

Now on to the award show winners. This is what we were celebrating:

Check out the Fort Worth Moms Facebook page for a photo album of the night’s fun!


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