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Each quarter, the Fort Worth Moms Blog team gathers together for a “staff meeting.” Well, we do some business at the beginning (we swear!), but then use our time wisely — to socialize and have fun, of course. The world of an online business means you do not see each other face-to-face that often. It is even more difficult to get all of us together in one spot. Thus, our quarterly meetings are very special to this crew.

On October 21, most of the FWMB rose bright and early to take over the brand new Evereve store in the Shops at Clearfork. We enjoyed a breakfast spread, business meetings, and a private shopping experience. 

Speaking of business, let’s share some with you. Hey, hey, hey, FWMB has grown by 20% in 2017. We are celebrating that continued growth! Also, we celebrated two blog posts that topped our page views for quarter three. Drum roll, please:

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Now to the Fun Part

Visiting local businesses is one of the highlights of the FWMB team meetings. It is our honor and delight to highlight a business each quarter and to learn more about what is offers moms in Tarrant County. If ever there was a business made for moms, Evereve is it! With a catch phrase #dresslikeamom, you know we found our haven.

The store began as a vision for owner Megan Tamte nearly 20 years when she realized the shopping challenges moms face. She spent years brainstorming how to create a solid fashion brand for moms. Now that dream is Evereve — which just opened three stores locally, making its DFW debut.

Here’s what the FWMB staff loved about Evereve:

  • The fashions are on point. You’ll find great brands (a few Nordstrom favorites there too). 
  • The store is organized in a way that curates your outfits for you, grouping items together that go with a “look,” helping moms who gravitate classic, casual, glam, etc. find her style niche easily. Evereve staff also have this super helpful questionarrie that helps them help you find the styles that work with your body type best and your wardrobe needs.
  • Prices are reasonable. Yes the quality of the clothing is great, but the prices are not unrealistic. The range runs roughly from $20 – $200.
  • Perhaps our favorite aspect of Evereve overall: The fashions are cute, but they are practical. At many stores, you have to sift through what not only fits, but also what you can do play dates in and carpool and soccer practice and does it wash well because of spit up and smeared Sunbutter and on and on, right? The majority of the clothes also consider the changes a mom’s body experiences, providing clothes that camouflage the right spots and accentuate our womanly curves in the right ways.
  • Staff function as personal stylists with attentive care. They can help as much or as little as you wish. Great customer service there, folks.
  • Yes, staff can be a stylist . . . or a babysitter. Bring your kiddos in because these ladies are trained to entertain the little ones while you shop. 
  • The kids will love Evereve because it’s like an indoor play center: snacks, Lego table, bins of toys . . . it’s fun! This is the one place you can shop and not worry or feel guilty about how your kids are . . . or may act. 

Definitely check out Evereve’s new store in the Shops at Clearfork — and tell ’em Fort Worth Moms Blog sent ya! To check out more photos from our contributor meeting, visit our Evereve photo album on Facebook.

If you are a local business and would like to host a FWMB contributor meeting, please send an email to [email protected].


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