Best Hot Chocolate Hot Spots in Around Town {Plus Bonus Recipes!}

Whether you are four, 44, or 84, hot chocolate will put a smile on your face. Luckily, we have some pretty spectacular venues to enjoy that delicious cup. The big question is: Are you a marshmallow-on-top sort of person, or do you want your cocoa with fresh whipping cream? Regardless, below are some of the best places to snag this age-old treat.

Hot Chocolate Hot Spots

151 Coffee (6244 Rufe Snow Drive, North Richland Hills) :: Enjoy a handcrafted chocolaty drink from this coffee joint, which has several spots around the Fort Worth area.

Arcadia Coffee (326 Bryan Avenue, Fort Worth) :: In addition to delicious baked goodies, offers delightful hot chocolate and a chill place to relax.

Black Coffee (1417 Vaughn Boulevard, Fort Worth) :: This spot made our 2020 Favorite Things list, so you KNOW the sweet drinks are good.

Brewed (801 W Magnolia Avenue, Fort Worth) :: For a mom’s-night-out hot chocolate, Brewed is the place to be! You can enjoy a traditional hot cocoa with milk or dark chocolate and perfectly steamed milk. Or if your hot chocolate needs a little something special, try The Grasshopper, which is hot chocolate mixed with house-made mint syrup. The moment you step into Brewed, you will become an immediate fan.

Buon Giorno Coffee (915 Florence Street, Fort Worth) :: You can get your hot chocolate piping hot or frozen at Buon Giorno. If you’re game for something different, try the frozen white hot chocolate. Decadence and delight are two words that come to mind. But, if you are a cocoa traditionalist, the European hot chocolate will not disappoint. Whichever suits your taste, you want to be sure to pair your drink with a house-made pastry. Your sweet tooth will thank you.

Cafe 23:5 (337 Shops Boulevard, Willow Park) :: Order a tasty hot chocolate for you, and while you’re at it, one of its notable chicken salad sandwiches (any of its lunch combos are a sure bet)!

Casablanca Coffee (215 W 8th Street, Fort Worth) :: A must on this chocolatey journey is Casablanca. Go for the hot chocolate (and super-smooth coffee) and stay for the banana and Nutella sweet crepe.

Cultivar Coffee (235 W Hickory Street, Denton) :: My personal favorite on the great hot chocolate journey (maybe because you can get some of DFW’s best donuts right next door). The cocoa was perfectly hot to be able to take one immediate sip and not scald your tongue. The steamed milk art made my littles giggle with delight and were so proud to each hold a special cup filled with happiness.

Dwell Coffee & Biscuits (two locations) :: You know what pairs well with a biswich (Dwell’s signature buttermilk biscuit sandwich)? A hot chocolate! 

Panera (1700 University Drive, Fort Worth) :: You and your littles will swoon over Panera’s signature cocoa with chocolate chip marshmallows . . . yes, I said chocolate chip marshmallows!

Sons Coffee (250 W Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth) :: Order a custom cocoa drink in-person or schedule a pick-up online. Options include almond milk, oat milk, or keto-friendly heavy cream, along with syrups like lavender, vanilla, and honey (some with sugar-free options). 

Starbucks (throw a rock; you’ll hit one) :: If you need a quick drive-thru emergency warm drink, Starbucks does make a satisfying and darker chocolate drink.

Hot Chocolate at Home

Hot cocoa bombs, round chocolate balls that melt into the perfect cup of cocoa, are all the rage. You can find them at several bakeries including Custom Cookie Solutions, as well as chain stores like Target, and Walmart.

Try one of the recipes below and you may just have a line of people out your door, because you now serve the best hot cocoa in town.

hotchocolateTraditional Style

  • 6 cups milk
  • 1.5 cups heavy cream
  • One 14 oz can sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups milk chocolate chips (you can use bittersweet or white, but I like milk chocolate best)
  • 1 tsp vanilla

Combine all ingredients in a good-size pot and stir over low heat for 30 minutes, or until chocolate is perfectly melted and incorporated. Simple and delicious but definitely NOT low cal. 😉

Mexican Style

  • 2 cups milk
  • 1/4 block of Abuelita chocolate
  • Ground cinnamon to taste

Heat milk and cinnamon in small sauce pan over medium heat on stove. Place Abuelita tablet in milk and whisk until tablet starts to dissolve. Mix in blender until smooth then return to stove. Heat until desired temperature whisking constantly. Top with marshmallows or whip cream. Serve with “pan bolio” or “pan dulce” or enjoy by itself.

Do you have a favorite recipes or hot spots that we missed? Let us know!

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Ginni (pronounced Jih-nee) graduated from Paschal High School, and then attended Texas Wesleyan University and Tarrant County College as an English and Spanish double-major. Currently she is wife to Jose and mommy to Elena (2018) and Santiago (2020). In her spare time, she enjoys embroidery and reading novels. Jesus and coffee are the two things that get her through the day.


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