National Cupcake Day :: Gluten-Free Style


National Cupcake Day. It’s an adorable thing. It’s a sweet excuse to bring cupcakes to work or stop at your local bakery or bake a batch for the family. However if you are gluten-free, this can be another day that pops up that leads to a deep sigh and an internal voice that says, “You can’t have any of those or you belly will explode.”

But this year, my gluten-avoiding friends, we are taking it back!!

Allergy-friendly foods are available everywhere, but if you are new to anti-wheat diet, it all can be a bit overwhelming. This, my friends, is where I come in. I am a mother of three children, two of which are gluten-free, as am I. So the deal in my house is everything has to be gluten-free so my little gluten disliking bellies can have anything in their home.

However, my hubby and son are all about the wheat. So what gluten-free goodies come into our home have to pass the wheat lovers palate test. I am not professional baker, nor am I a master chef, but I do know what works in our wheat-divided home. Here are the best cupcake options and recipes I have found!


Vanilla cupcakes // Easy and simple. This was my starter recipe for gluten-free cupcakes. It is straightforward enough not to intimidate me and has become a safe bet for when I need an easy, sweet quick. This is what I usually whip up for my kids when we have a birthday party and we need to bring a gluten-free treat to take the place of cake.

Carrot cake cupcakes // You might be shocked to find that this is probably the children’s favorite recipe. I think they love shredding the carrots and the frosting best. These cupcake have amazing spices! You can use cane sugar if you are not a fan of coconut sugar, and it will turn out just fine.

Pumpkin cupcakes // Pumpkin means moist cupcakes. Use this recipe if you want to impress your pals. Like I said, I am no professional, but this one makes me feel fancy! This is one we bring to fall and winter parties, and even gluten lovers love these cupcakes.

Peanut butter chocolate cupcakes // So this recipe is my favorite! I will be honest that I’ve only made this recipe one time, and I did even not put the icing inside the cupcake. We skipped that part because we aren’t that fancy and extra frosting means you get to eat it with a spoon (or your finger). The frosting was the big winner!

Snickerdoodle cupcakes // Snickerdoodles are my favorite cookies, so I had to give a snickerdoodle cupcake a try! This is not to far off from the vanilla cupcake, but oh man, that honey-cinnamon frosting is the best! This is a great recipe to have if you have friends who do not do dairy. It uses coconut milk, and you can substitute regular butter for non-dairy butter easily.

Red velvet cupcakes // One of the things I miss the most about gluten is red velvet cake. I came across this recipe in a sugar-craving crazed Google search for anything similar to the red velvet cake my mom makes. I am forever thankful to the Google gods. This is not only yummy and moist, but I have also read that you can replace red food dye with beet puree or beet juice (I am always looking out for my allergy mamas).

Take advantage of National Cupcake Day and eat all the delicious gluten free treats you can!


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