The Scoop on Getting Served Ice Cream

Dear Ice Cream,

It’s no wonder you are revered as the number one dessert time and time again. You’re there when we “scream” out for you, no matter the hour on the clock. You melt with us on the hottest of summer days. You meet us in the coldest of winter nights — because we know the cold never bothered you. You bring us together and celebrate our diversity by showing your own. With each scoop, you give us the opportunity to create sweet memories. 

A scoop of nostalgia. Your classic vanilla and chocolate are still considered the top favorite flavors even after 200 years. It was (and still is) comforting to know you would be there for us after the hard days, the heartbreaks, or when we just needed a spoonful of hope. You taught us the importance of spontaneity as you travelled around the neighborhoods interrupting the mundane. But you also made sure we learned good things are worth waiting for and impulsivity could lead to our tongue getting stuck to a cold metal spoon. You continue to have a giving, non-judgmental, presence when it comes to the number of scoops we ask from you. You’ve been a summer staple for some and a daily ritual for others. 

A scoop of versatility. No matter how you are served: in a cone, a bowl, in a drink, on a stick, as a cake, milkshake, or sandwich; whether soft, fried or original, you never fail to bring a smile to our face and a pep to our step. You adapted to our tastes as we grow with age, pairing well with coffee and adult beverages (hello, whiskey floats).

And as the seasons change, you represent the very best flavors. You’re not afraid to take risks and embrace cultures from around the world as you welcome gelato, sherbet, and non-dairy alternatives into your family. 

An ode to ice creamA scoop of vision. You are the quintessential team player and believe in collaboration. You continue to provide us with new savory combinations we did not even know existed together. You’re part of creations for that include a crunch factor with potato chips, cereal, and even lobster. You show your more mature palette by pairing blackberry and goat cheese. You model that you can have it all with fudge, cookies, marshmallows, gummies, whip cream, cotton candy, fruit, candy, waffles, and a cherry on top. You seamlessly integrate with advances in technology and provide real-world demonstrations of how science can be used outside of the classroom. 

Ice Cream, you bring the gumption to our lives. You’re never too modest to be a part of our selfies, and your patience to capture the perfect shot is, for the most part, consistent. You’re humble enough not to live too long in the sun and remind us of how precious time can be. You show us the advantages of believing in our dreams without losing the foundation of what makes us great. You show us that we can change over time and that inclusion is so much sweeter. Your colorful world reminds us to see the beauty in ours. A day was not long enough to show our gratitude towards you, so we dedicated a whole month. You offer the best of yourself to bring out the best in us. 

May you forever stay cool,

An Ice Cream Softie 

Joining Janie on the pursuit of life’s adventures while laughing along the way are Janie’s husband, Jared who is a flight school director and pilot, their angel baby, Jackson (2016) who passed away shortly after birth, and newest crew member, Jensen (2018). With an undergraduate degree in communication from UTA and a master’s in health communication from the University of Illinois, writing has been a creative outlet for Janie. Working full-time in healthcare, being involved at her local church, and volunteering with the Junior League of Fort Worth, Janie is passionate about serving people and holds a special place in her heart for women and children. When they are not headed to their next adventure, you can find Janie and her family creating their own adventure as proud Fort Worth residents.


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