Kids in the Kitchen

If anyone has ever checked out my blog, Sweet Bella Roos, it is obvious that creating in the kitchen is something we love to do in our house!  I can remember baking with my mom growing up and making pancakes by myself from the time I was four years old.  I’m so glad that my daughter has developed my love for baking and that we can cook up our own memories in the kitchen.  My favorite memory baking with Isabella so far was making cupcakes for her to take to pre-school for her 4th birthday.  She helped me bake the strawberry cupcakes and frost them with strawberry icing (and pink sprinkles- of course).  The next day when I picked her up her teachers told me how much all of the kids loved the cupcakes, but that “it’s too bad Isabella is allergic.”  Apparently she told everyone she was allergic to cupcakes.  1) Who is allergic to cupcakes? (strawberry, gluten, dairy, sure – but not “cupcakes”) and 2) if my child were “allergic” why in the world would I send them with her for her birthday?  Still makes me laugh.  She is not allergic, but decided that was easier than explaining she didn’t like them.  (Again, I ask, who doesn’t like cupcakes?!)  She is generally happier with the process of baking than she is indulging in the treat after.  Wish I had that kind of will power!


Isabella took her first cooking class when she was just three years old, and loved it!  It was so fun watching her become more confident and independent.  I love that there is a local company that can help me making cooking fun.  Young Chefs® Academy offers cooking classes to children in a safe environment that encourages discovery and creativity.  In addition to cooking classes, they also offer party packages, camps, special events, and field trips.


I know I am always looking for fun activities for my kids and out of the box birthday party ideas and I love that they have several options to choose from.  My little one is not quite old enough to participate in the Decorate and Celebrate package (offered for ages 8+) but it sounds like a lot of fun!  Kids can make their choice of cupcake (chocolate, vanilla, red velvet,  or ice-cream cone cupcakes) and then learn fun decorating techniques to make their very own masterpiece.

If you are interested in finding a camp THIS summer, there are still a few available.  You can find out more information about them here.


Do you let your kiddo’s help in the kitchen?


  1. My 3 1/2 year old LOVES to help in the kitchen. I have been contemplating getting one of those “helper towers” anybody have one?


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