Love My Local: Benbrook


Love My Local logoWhen my husband and I started dating, I lived in downtown Fort Worth, and he owned a house in a small community located WAY on the west side of Fort Worth in the boondocks (cue the Green Acres music) called Benbrook. Okay, so it’s not exactly the country, but we do have our own half-acre and there is a lake less than a mile away. And, for someone who once thrived in the center of it all, moving out here seemed so far away.

Four years and two (and a half) children later, Benbrook has sort of stolen my heart. I came to love it here not because of the many fast food restaurants littered down US 377, but because of the people. Benbrook has mastered the art of community-building, and these are just a few of the places here we couldn’t live without:

Benbrook Library. I am not a connoisseur of public libraries, but for a small city, it seems pretty top notch. Events geared toward babies and toddlers are scheduled almost daily. There is a large and clean play area in the children’s section. Outside, there is a closed off patio area, complete with wi-fi, tables, and a fountain the kiddos can play in. And, to top it all off, there is the Maker Space for the creative genius in all of us, complete with a 3D printer.

PJ Party at Benbrook Chick-fil-a! Chick-fil-a. It’s not a secret that moms can get a little obsessed with Chick-fil-a. And, I am no different. The service is amazing. The restaurant and play area is somehow always magically clean. And, on Tuesday nights, it hosts Kids’ Club, which has helped my crowd-shy toddler participate in activities with other children.

But mostly what I love about Benbrook CFA is the staff. Of course, at any Chick-fil-a, you can expect the staff to be as polite as the Queen’s Guards are still. At Benbrook CFA, however, it’s more than that. They invest in my children. They love my children. And, sometimes they even hold my child so I can go to the bathroom alone. Go ahead, Benbrook CFA. Take all my money.

When the weather is nice (or even bearable), I love packing up the kids and letting them burn off some energy at Dutch Branch Park, which houses two playground areas, a duck pond, track, tennis courts, and baseball fields.

kids swinging in the parkTrails, Trails, Trails. We love to pack into the strollers, meet friends, and walk along the miles of trails Benbrook has to offer. Outside. Sunshine. Exercise. Friend time. Is there anything else you really need?

Bonnell’s. Bonnell’s is technically in Fort Worth, but, since it’s only five miles from the house, we count it as part of our community. And, it really is. It’s where my husband and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day, our engagement, our first anniversary, and, most recently, our first date in more than two months! Chef John Bonnell, who also owns Waters and Buffalo Brothers in Fort Worth, has mastered the haute southwestern cuisine menu, which is littered with wild game and fresh-caught fish, paired with other locally sourced ingredients. My mouth is watering thinking about it.

Although the places listed above are great, Benbrook would not be the same without the wonderful people who live and work here. I would tell you their stories, but it would require many more words than is acceptable in one post. As an added bonus for those who love history (me), Benbrook is ripe with quirky historical facts. (For instance, Lee Harvey Oswald lived just a stone’s throw from the present-day Starbucks on US 377. Crazy, right?!)


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