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Love My Local logoWhen my husband and I moved to Texas, our first home was a sweet and cozy apartment in North Arlington. Driving around one Sunday after church, we stumbled upon a quaint residential community in East Fort Worth. We decided to build our first home in a new construction area that met every criterion we had at the time: location, layout, and lot. Since then, our family has grown. Should we decide to look into another home for our future here, our first choice community is still East Fort Worth and here’s why:

Location, Location, Location

When we found our home site, we told our only friends in Texas at the time. Though nestled in a lovely home in North Arlington, our friends were growing their family and wanted to make a change. Our friends loved East Fort Worth so much, they decided to build right along with us. To this day, we are still neighbors. East Fort Worth works perfectly for our work, school, and play needs. We are conveniently located near 30, 820, 35, and a commuter train route. Yet, my neighborhood is also quietly tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life; we see folks riding horses in the streets frequently. We can be at the community park, and with just a few small turns, we can be right in the middle of all the metroplex action. I am literally minutes away from downtown Fort Worth and the entertainment district in Arlington.

Perfect for FamiliesIMG_8521

East Fort Worth is great for families, especially those just getting started. When my husband and I moved to Texas, we were uncertain how long we would stay. We were newly married and knew starting a family was on our horizon. Buying a house made practical sense; however, we were committed to staying conservative financially. If you didn’t know, you can get a lot of house in wonderful neighborhoods for much less in East Fort Worth. The right home in East Fort Worth can be the financial difference necessary for future investments, vacations, and just simple miscellaneous spending for young families. Home prices in East Fort Worth give new families options.

In addition, my own neighborhood is a sweet mixture of working class families and retirees; it is also culturally diverse. In addition to black friends, white friends, and multi-racial friends, we have neighbors from China, Ethiopia, Mexico, France, and more. My boys have an exquisite opportunity to get to know people every day, from all walks of life and every corner of the globe. These friendships and experiences are absolutely priceless to me.

Simple Living in a Big City

I love East Fort Worth because we have made a life here that supports simple living in a big city. In addition to the Arlington-Mansfield Area YMCA, we love the Eastside YMCA and appreciate its presence in its community. We are also conveniently located near University of Texas- Arlington and love the Mavericks Club for our family. We feel supported in our lifestyle and in our goals. We spend minimal time fighting traffic to get to important places. We have easy access to a plethora of shopping, schools, restaurants, churches, medical facilities, parks, and recreation options. In East Fort Worth, the environment is laid back, the people are genuine, and you can find lovely neighborhoods nestled in the back of nowhere. My home is a quaint retreat.

We are thankful to call East Fort Worth home!

We, at FWMB, love our local so much we created Neighbor Groups for every corner of Tarrant county — and in between. You’ll also find topical groups, like adoptive moms, single moms, food allergy moms, etc. Join a Neighbor Group (or two) today and get connected with other moms in your area. 


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