Love My Local: SW Cowtown

If there is one thing you need to know about me, it is this: I love carbs.

I’m serious. Carbs make up a big part of my life. I travel for them, cry over them, and even believe a lot in this world could be solved with a warm chocolate chip cookie from my great-grandmother’s cookbook. Keep tracking with me here . . . . When I tell you that I love where I live, you better believe carbs play a big part in that. Some of my favorite places in this part of town provide my ever-rumbling stomach with scrumptious breads and pastas that are worth writing home about. Truth be told, there’s a lot more than just carbs I love about this area, so I will throw in a few of those as well. Here we go — this is why I love my local.

Giovanni’s Italian Kitchen: My husband introduced me to this place when we were dating, and I have never looked back. This is a mom and pop restaurant with some of the best Italian food I have ever tasted outside of Italy itself. Calzones, pastas, pizzas, tiramisu, garlic bread . . . this is my heaven. I have never had something bad here, and have eaten quite a bit off the menu. The day after we brought our son home from the hospital, I sent my husband to Giovanni’s for some chicken alfredo pizza (which I may or may not have eaten laying in bed).

Anakaren Panaderia: A building of only carbs? Glory, hallelujah. This bakery is located on Seminary Drive right off of McCart. I used to drive past it every day on my way to class, which I took as the universe telling me to stop there as much as possible. They make everything fresh daily and have an incredible variety of sweets. Their churros are to die for, especially when you are craving them at eight months pregnant. I love their wedding cookies, tres leches cakes, and donuts. The prices are hard to beat, and the staff is super friendly. You can also order cakes!

Manna Donuts: ANOTHER BUILDING OF CARBS. There are a few locations around Fort Worth, but the one on the corner of Seminary and McCart is closest to my house. I also happen to drive past it on my way to class AND church, so I am doing myself a disservice not to stop in frequently. I will do just about anything for a maple donut and its are wonderful. My husband is a big fan of the breakfast burritos with hot sauce. I could eat there every morning and be the happiest mommy in Fort Worth.

Southwestern Seminary and TCU Walking Paths: Due to my love of carbs, I must exercise. Sigh. If I must sweat, however, I would like to do it in a pretty location, and the universities close to my house provide just that. I love meeting up with friends and pushing strollers around these two campuses. TCU is a longer jaunt, but the seminary is pretty peaceful, especially during the day. There are lots of benches to rest on and green spaces for picnics as well. I also see people gathering pecans on the seminary lawns in the fall, which I can only assume are going to be made into pecan pies . . . and here I am at carbs again.

World Relief: This last place has nothing to do with carbs, really, but I love this organization madly. They assist in resettling refugees as they enter into America for the first time from their home country. Among countless other services, they provide training for life here (using transportation, where to shop, etc.), set up housing for families, and check in to make sure everyone is doing okay. I have volunteered here for the last few years and have loved every second. They are always looking for help, whether it is with moving furniture, driving those without cars, or just being friends with a new family. This is such a great way to welcome others to Cowtown and show them a new home.

Well, y’all. I think that about covers it for now. There is so much to love about Fort Worth, but let’s all just take a second and be thankful for all the great food (carbs) it provides and the subsequent places to burn it off.

What do you love about SW Fort Worth? Am I missing anything you recommend?

Julie B
Julie B was born and raised in Oklahoma and will forever proudly call herself an Okie. She moved to India after college to study language and culture, where she worked with women and children. She has since fallen in love with all things Bollywood. She moved to Texas in 2014 to attend graduate school and found her handsome husband Sam while there. They welcomed sweet baby Hudson into their lives in 2016, and Julie is now a stay-at-home mom taking graduate classes in her “free time.” She is a recent coffee convert and loves to cook spicy Indian food with her husband. You can discover more about Julie on her blog Sweet Tea and Chickpeas.


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