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You thought I was going to talk about the come back of 80’s fashion, didn’t you?  That is another post. {Note, if you didn’t get that joke, you are much too young for me to be friends with and you need to go Google “members only jacket” RIGHT NOW}.

There are so many attractions in the Cowtown area and many offer memberships.  So, are they worth it?

Here are a few I think might be worth you checking out! I priced everything as a family of four (with children ages 3 and 5), and comparing it to what would be a single visit (tickets bought at the door).  What places  do you frequent that you might be able to take advantage of a membership?

fort worth zoo logoFort Worth Zoo

Yearly Membership : $150 (this includes entry and parking)
Single Visit (entry & parking ) : $47

Pays for itself in 4 trips.  Membership gives additional perks like attending extended hours events, discounts on all food in the park, discounts on guest tickets, and discounts on zoo school for your children.


fwshmMuseum of Science and History

Yearly Membership : $100 ($80 tax-deductible as donation)  (this includes entry and parking)
Single Visit : $48 tickets + parking $5 = $52

Pays for itself in 2 trips.  Membership gives additional perks like discounts on Museum School, entry into the Stockshow, entry into the Cowgirl Museum, free entry into various other national museums and special events.


fossil rim

Fossil Rim

Yearly Membership : $168
Single Visit :$83.80 (weekend)

Pays for itself in 3 trips.


six flags Six Flags

Yearly Membership : $259.96
Single Visit : $209.96 (assuming both children are under 4 foot tall, if not, add an additional $15 per kid over 48 inches) – this is also the gate price and tickets can many times be found for cheaper online.

No brainer! Get a membership if you are going to go more than once!




Yearly Membership : $319.96
Single Visit : $93.96 (assuming both children are under 4 foot tall, if not, add an additional $5 per kid over 48 inches)

Pays for itself in 4 trips.



grapevine sea life

Grapevine Sea Life Aquarium

Yearly Membership : $162.38
Single Visit : $73.61

Pays for itself in 3 trips.





Fort Worth Nature Center

Yearly Membership : $75
Single Visit : $14

Pays for itself in 6 visits.




What are some other local attractions that have memberships that we should review? What is a membership you use ALL the time?

Emily S
Emily S is one of the original founders of FWMB. She started the blog in the Spring of 2013 with fellow mom, Carly, and then took on sole ownership in 2014. With the arrival of her third in 2015, she decided to take a step back and pass on the torch to Emily Y. She is thrilled to still remain involved with Fort Worth Moms Blog as she is passionate about being a mom, and her community. She has a strong passion for giving back to the Fort Worth community and has been active in the Fort Worth Junior League since 2007. She is always amazed at what great things can be accomplished when people come together, especially a group of women. (Photo courtesy of: Beyond the Blue Studios).


  1. I use my zoo membership almost every week! Even in the summers! We will go straight to the indoor conditioned reptile building and spend an hour and then go home. Great way to stay cool, get out of the house, and not spend any money.


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