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Looking back through all the articles and stories from 2017 is such a treat for us. In a way, it feels similar to how we reminisce and reflect about the growth and changes in our children. The difference 12 months makes always startles us: How did those kiddos get so big? It is no different with the Fort Worth Moms Blog. We compare the numbers — page views, engagement, posts published — and we think: How did we pull this off? And yet, when we see the mothers met, the relationships formed, and the banner of motherhood flying high, our hearts burst with gratitude that we get to be part of this. You being part of our lives through our online and offline community is a gift that leaves us encouraged, humbled, and inspired. 

So, here’s to a look back through 2017 by celebrating the topics that gained the most traction. It is with great joy that we share the top 10 most read blog posts from 2017 — in no particular order, mind you!

top 10 blog postsI Miss You Already {A Letter to My Firstborn} :: I would never want to undo what we have done in growing this family. Having this baby was a prayer-filled choice we made. We asked God to give you a sibling. I hope that you will grow up and see this sister for the blessing she is. But, if I could rewind to that morning before she was born . . . .

Fear Not! The Instant Pot :: In addition to our written content, the FWMB hosted a Facebook Live demonstration, “Fear Not! The Instant Pot!” In this video, FWMB contributor and IP guru Krista and FWMB owner Emily Y discuss the ins and outs of the Instant and answer some common questions. You can access the recorded video below. During the video, Krista explains and prepares SIX Instant Pot recipes right on the spot!

The Real Signs of Pediatric OCD :: Knowledge is everything, y’all. I share the reality about living with these disorders in an effort to raise awareness, get rid of the stigma, and replace it with the truth. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder turned out to be much different than my perception, so here are a few symptoms of my son’s illness and the way it manifests for him. You might be surprised!

I Refuse to Raise Children :: And since kids don’t magically learn how to be an adult on their 18th birthday, the preparation for adulthood starts way before then, when they’re small, foolish, adorable, and dependent. Sadly, it isn’t as common for parents in my generation to see things this way, and yet parents are more stressed out than ever doing things our grandparents would be shocked to see.

I’m Old and Awesome — Why Turning 40 Rocks :: I was thinking about all the poor whippersnappers out there who made it this far despite not experiencing Ross and Rachel’s first kiss in the coffee shop. With that kind of start to adulthood, you deserve to know that turning 40 is sort of the best thing ever. So, go ahead and let that worry go. And pretend like you’ve seen The Princess Bride when I mention it, or we will have to break up.

Momfession Monday: Coping with the Uninvolved Grandparent :: Don’t get me wrong, this is also not about super fun dates to the movies or nerf wars or endearing tea parties that I feel my children “miss out on.” I absolutely do not expect to have a grandparent that does anything complex, or for me, or for show. It’s about wanting to be involved in their grandchildren’s lives. 

The Ultimate Guide to Teacher’s Freebies and Discounts :: It’s no secret that we love teachers here at the Fort Worth Moms Blog, but dozens and dozens of businesses love them as well! We have compiled a list of businesses that offer exclusive discounts for teachers to show teachers just how awesome they are.

An Open Letter to American Ninja Warrior :: So, to the producers and creators of American Ninja Warrior, thank you for bringing this show to our living room. Not only have you brought us entertainment and fun, but you have also allowed us a sneak peek into the lives of some amazing, courageous, respectable athletes. You don’t only place value on winning, but you also place extreme value on the journey each athlete experienced getting to where they are. So many lessons wrapped up into two hours every Monday night.

The #1 Genetic Killer of Babies (You Probably Know Nothing About) :: Now imagine someone telling you —  just a few short, sleep-deprived weeks later — your perfectly healthy baby is going to die. She will slowly lose all ability to move, eat, and breathe and there is absolutely nothing you can do.

In Defense of the MLMer :: At first, I was pretty leery of the whole gig. Within about eight months, I had doubled our family’s income, but I still wasn’t sold on the longevity of the whole thing. However, as the months went by and I became more and more immersed in the network marketing culture, I realized how wrong my prior assumptions were. Network marketing may not be for you, but perhaps I can help clear some things up so you don’t make the wrong assumptions I did. 


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