Won’t You Be My Neighbor? {FWMB Launching Neighbor Groups!}

fort_worth_circle_logoFrom comments online to conversations offline, it is increasingly clear that mamas need friendship. (Duh, right?) Mamas want to make friends with other mamas. Mamas want to learn from other mamas. Mamas want to know their neighbors, especially when those neighbors have kids too. But being mamas sometimes means social lives and outings and making friends do not actually happen. Maybe you are new to town, or new to your neighborhood. Maybe you are one of the first new moms from your friend group. Maybe you are a mother who can’t seem to find the time to nurture friendships. We have all been there in some way, shape, or form. Motherhood, in all of its glories, can be isolating.

And we’ve heard it from you, dear readers, asking for ideas about how to connect with your community, connect with other moms. So, in 2016, the Fort Worth Moms Blog will host EIGHT events with the focus of connecting you with other moms and our community. In addition to that, we are creating fun Facebook groups so you can get to know one another better . . . and even — gasp — make new friends.

As we plan for this launch in early 2016, we need your help!

  • Looking for Mom-bassadors, who will facilitate an online Facebook group, representing your neighborhood, interest group, etc. This is essentially just a point person, a liaison between the Fort Worth Moms Blog and your new pals. (Think updating on play date events, facilitating the occasional discussion question, etc.)

If you are interested in becoming part of the Fort Worth Moms Blog team in any of these capacities, or have suggestions for groups, please email [email protected]!

Can’t wait to be your neighbor!


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