Moms in the Community (11 Ways to Get Involved and Give Back)


There are many ways to become involved in the community by yourself or with other moms. Whether that is hanging out at the mall in the kid’s play place area, at your local park, or at the nearest McDonald’s. You can get out and inspire others in your local community. Put a smile on a kiddos face by delivering a coloring book and crayons. Or be a listening ear to the guy sitting across the table reminiscing about the time he served in the military.

You can even do some of these things in your jeans, favorite T-shirt, and messy bun, and still have time to run and get your favorite coffee. And if you like wine, have a ladies’ night and drink for a cause — or a moms’ night in and bake cookies for the homeless or for a shelter. No matter what it is, it all starts with you and me. Some of these things you can get the kiddos involved with. You may have to redirect a few times or clean up a big mess afterwards. The great thing about all of this is the selflessness and the compassion that is shown, the hearts and lives that are forever changed.

Here are many different ways you can get involved in the community or pay it forward doing things you love and are passionate about, with people you do life with.

Cameron Volunteer1. Serve at Taste Project, Inc.

Pay what you can afford . . . pay what you would typically pay . . . or pay what you would typically pay, plus a little extra.

Jeff and Julie’s mission at Taste Project, Inc. is to feed, educate, and serve our community. And you don’t need experience to serve, cook, and welcome guests. And you can do all of this in a pair of jeans and one of your favorite tees — or maybe even purchase a shirt from Taste.

2. Start a Bonfire Campaign

Create and design your own t-shirt for a cause at Bonfire, whether you are raising funds for a family member in need or wanting to raise money for something that you believe in — like childhood cancer, breast cancer, adoption, events, etc. You can start a campaign right from home with a readily available team and customer support that is dedicated to you. Premium handpicked shirts, hoodies, tank tops, and sweat shirts mean there is something for all seasons.

3. Get Involved with 

Do you enjoy being a mentor to other kids? Or maybe you just want to be involved and connected at your child’s school by helping out with clerical duties. Love reading? Helping out in the library or the school’s annual book fair is an great option. Find your inner Bill Nye the Science Guy through, and volunteer for experimenting and hands-on activities in the science lab. Monitoring the kids on a school field trip or the playground is a great way to meet other parents. You can make a impact in so many ways by getting involved and doing something you’re passionate about at your local schools or universities.

4. Build a Habitat for Humanity

Can we build it? YES, we can! Habitat for Humanity is a great way to get out and build with your hands, love, and compassion. This organization helps provide affordable housing for families in need — with your helping hands along the way.

5. Support the Humane Society of North Texas

The kids have been wanting a dog or some kind of animal. Start off with a goldfish . . . or you can just head to the Humane Society of North Texas and help out by walking, adopting, or otherwise helping an animal. You can even take the teenagers with you (starting at the age of 16). It’s a great way to connect with your kids while teaching them how to give back, love, and support animals.

6. Deposit Goods or Time at the Tarrant Area Food Bank

Get creative with the kids and give back by having a contest in your own home or maybe with your neighbor’s kids to see who can collect the most canned goods for Tarrant Area Food Bank. If you have a love for cooking your own food or growing your vegetables, this is a great way to get involved.

Child,eyes,innocence,smiles 7. Volunteer with Cook Children’s

Blow bubbles for the joy of laughter, or step in for a family in need of a small break at Cook Children’s. Volunteer to watch over and play with kids. There is honestly something for everyone in the family here, including elders who like to stitch. Cook Children’s considers applicants starting at the age of 15 (great idea for the summer). There are many ways to give and get involved at Cook Children’s — like celebrating kids’ birthdays and raising funds to support patients as part of the Peter Pan Birthday Club.

(Keep in mind safety is very important, and there may be specific requirements like background or fingerprint checks.)

8. Walk for a Cause

Or help fight a disease with one of many different walks going on throughout the year:

Check out our Guide to Running Events for charitable walks going on near you.

9. Give Back to the Community

There are many different ways to do this — especially around the holidays.

10. Inspire Through Girls Inc.

Get out and inspire a young girl through Girls Inc. of Tarrant County; let her know she is beautiful and she can conqueror anything in life. This program has many ways you can get involved and inspire, from administrative support to mentoring to summer SMART camps and more.

11. Help to Keep Fort Worth Beautiful

Take the kids or a group of friends and help keep Fort Worth clean at the Cowtown Great American Cleanup. Don’t worry; gloves and the trash bags are provided!

The are numerous ways you can make an impact in your community with the ones you love or surrounded by others. It makes a difference, no matter how big or small or how much time you devote. It just makes the world all that much of a better place.

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Cameron, daughter of retired veteran James Holland, Sr., was born in Germany and raised right here in Fort Worth. She is raising two rambunctious boys, Aiden James (five years) and Camden (18 months). When able to catch a break, she enjoys coffee, blogging, singing, and loving Jesus. She’s always had a passion for helping others and wanting to conquer the world. She hopes to start her own non-profit organization raising awareness of langerhans cell histiocytosis for children and parents all over the world. When one emergency room visit to Cook Children’s led to a rare diagnosis, her life changed in the blink of an eye, and she’s not letting that stop her from leaving her mark on the world.


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