Family Vacation Destination: San Antonio — Part 2


Disclaimer :: Hilton Hotels partnered with Fort Worth Moms to bring this content to our readers. Read San Antonio—Part 1 here.

Fort Worth Moms got the chance to join Hilton Hotels as they announced their new Texas-Sized Savings programs. The dream family vacation made possible through these new savings incentives was so full of fun, we had to break it up into two posts! To catch the first half, check out part one!

We mentioned our tips for where to stay in San Antonio, how to make the most of Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and the fabulous San Antonio Zoo. To top it off, we want to share about one of the nations most beloved, family friendly destinations: SeaWorld! 

petting shark at SeaWorldHow to Vacay at SeaWorld San Antonio

SeaWorld has always been one of my favorite vacations, even as a child. I was ecstatic to take my own girls there. SeaWorld San Antonio is made up of three parks: Discovery Point includes a FREE aquarium, sharks, and dolphin viewing area (it’s also where you sign up for any animal encounters you want to enjoy). Aquatica is the water park, which is a must in the Texas heat! And finally, SeaWorld. On our visit, we took a tour designed for families with little ones, seeing the inner workings of the aquarium, visiting the sea lions, rescued sea turtles, and even petting a shark (a little one, but still a fun story to tell their friends)! 

SeaWorld makes it easy for a family with kids of all ages to visit and spend one or more full days learning, playing, and experiencing sea life. We got to experience “Dine with the Orcas,” which was life-changing. Sitting alongside the training pools, we ate a delicious meal while watching the killer whales (orcas) swim and play. It was like watching a well-trained dog play and interact lovingly with its owner. We learned from the trainers how these incredible creatures are born in SeaWorld and never captured from the wild. Watching them patiently train and teach the whales was inspiring, even to my parenting!

dining with orcas at SeaWorldSeaWorld for Little Kids

SeaWorld’s Sesame Street-themed “Bay of Play” gives kids a giant play area to climb, run, and splash. Kid-friendly rides and character interactions, as well as the Sesame Street Birthday Party Parade, made this a kid favorite on our trip. They also enjoyed the shows, particularly the “Sea Lion High,” with its drama and laughs—oh, and a very good spray down in the splash zone. Did I mention there’s a Sesame Street Birthday Party Parade happening throughout the summer?

Where to Eat

If you stay at the highly recommended Embassy Suites Landmark hotel (location, location, location), you can just stay put and enjoy they yummy food provided by the onsite restaurant. If you want to get out a bit, take the complimentary shuttle or hop in the car for a quick drive to The Rim, a local shopping and dining establishment. There is a family of restaurants, each uniquely suited to fit any appetite. The Rustic (live entertainment and homestyle cooking), Bowl and Barrel (bowling and yummy food), or The General Public (new spins on familiar recipes, farm-to-table style) all offer a mix of fun and yum! Not to mention, with the Hilton Texas-Sized Savings you get 15 percent off!

Stay Home with Hilton!

If you’re not quite ready to pack up the kids and hit the open road, we have great news: the Hilton’s Texas-Sized Savings campaign isn’t just for San Antonio. Book a little stay-cation in the metro-plex and enjoy discounts on local attractions, restaurants, and rooms. 


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