When Mom Is Away: Top 5 Tips for a Sane House


Dryer is going.

Come on. Hurry. I need my skinny jeans for my trip.

My bag is almost packed, kids are running around the house playing indoor tag, a conference call is supposed to start in 10 minutes, second cup of coffee is brewing in my Keurig (a.k.a. my BFF), and my flight leaves in two hours.

Stop. Just breathe . . . YOU GOT THIS! You’re a mom, and by definition you are a master multi-tasker, right? Absolutely right!

Every time I go out-of-town for work, I feel like the above scene plays out in some way, shape, or form. Sometimes my kids are rolling around the house on scooters, and maybe it is a cute top in the dryer that has me waiting, but pretty much the same scenario happens. Even though chaos may seem to be the order of the day, I can rest assured that when I am sitting at DFW waiting for my flight, my family is taken care of. I can sit peacefully because of a few things I try to do before and during every trip.

Here is my top 5 list of how to be a Rock-star mom while out-of-town:

IMG_69135. Family Fun Night. This is probably my favorite thing to do . . . period. Going out as a family is just too stinkin’ fun, especially when I have a business trip on the horizon. I love that we choose something fun – -and most of the time a little out of the ordinary. For this trip, we decided to do a family movie night. Fun memories to think of while traveling, especially when silly face pics are involved!

4. Organization. Set your hubs up for success with everything he will need for the kiddos. I like to make sure all of the laundry is done so there is no chance of frantic sprints around the house trying to find my daughter’s favorite Hello Kitty panties. πŸ™‚

Here is a great compartment from Target that keeps me organized while out-of-town. In each compartment, I place the kid’s clothes for the day, and a note with what the day includes, i.e. school, what shoes to wear, and any other notes for the day. For example, “It’s pizza day at school, so don’t pack a lunch.” And, of course, a love note from mom!

IMG_4871 IMG_5221

IMG_28003. Create Something fun for the kiddos to play with while you’re away. My kids love crafts, and especially love playing in boxes. (What kiddo doesn’t?) Before I go, I like to leave something new and fun for the kids to play with. This time it was a cardboard airplane so they could pretend to fly with me.

2. FaceTime Dates with your cutie kiddos and hunky hubby. I miss my family like crazy when I am out for work, but having a time scheduled to talk to them makes being away a little more bearable. My hubs is great at texting pics of the kids throughout the day as well, which puts a smile on my face during long meetings!

IMG_83001. Sit Back. Enjoy the quiet flight. Read a book just for you. Take a good snooze on the plane, knowing your family is fine.

What supermom tasks do you do to help your family while you are out-of-town?



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