Chalna is a native Texan born with Jedi reading and writing skills and an inability to add or subtract. She’s married to her favorite pilot and has two fabulous sons, 9 and 4. Her oldest suffers from GAD and OCD, and her life’s mission is advocating for children with mental health disorders. She is a freelance writer who loves wine, carbs and Amazon. She shares life with pediatric anxiety on her blog, She Shines Her Light , and writes professionally in the middle of the night. Find her at Chalna Writes.
Best Boy Ever

Embracing My Child “As Is”

It Took About 30 Seconds The sonographer pointed to what was apparently NOT an arm, wrote "It's A BOY!" on the screen, and I had his entire childhood mapped out. He would love books and...
cockpit 9/11 post

We Grew Up on a Day in September

I was 24 years old on the day the Twin Towers fell. Prior to 8:45 a.m. on September 11, 2001, I was all bliss, vigor, and confidence . . . a girl standing on...
bear and cubs

Before You Cry Bully

This post is part of "Bully No More," an editorial series hosted by the Fort Worth Moms Blog.   The older boy had been bugging him for a few weeks. It started as the usual, trivial (albeit...
Best Boy Ever

Extended Breastfeeding: Why I Nurse My Three Year Old

I've got a secret, y'all. I'm still breastfeeding my 3.5 year old. It's okay . . . take a minute to collect yourselves. Get your smelling salts. If it makes you feel any better, three years...