Nothing was happening beyond showering and sunscreen, and I needed something to jump-start my desire to invest in myself. There was always something more urgent with three young kids than taking care of aesthetics, but I knew I could find 15 minutes once every three months.    
Once we begin to accept some conflicting emotions, we also receive the benefit of greater self awareness. We can process life's ups and downs much more easily.
On the Fort Worth Moms team alone, we found ourselves asking so many questions about how the return of school would impact our families. We figured you have questions too.
We established our vacation routine on day one. We went to the grocery store and picked up typical breakfast, lunch, and snack items to provide familiarity for our autistic son.
We compiled a list of our favorites and broke them down into categories for your convenience.
We all want to keep our children safe and the best way to do this is to be vigilant. That also applies when going out in public, like going to the store.
The reason why certain foods are a choking hazard is because children under age four lack the ability to properly grind food before swallowing, and they aren’t strong enough to forcefully cough if something gets stuck in their throat

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