It is so easy to get wrapped up into the comparison game and allow for negative thoughts to muddy our goals and reality. The point of confident self-talk is to turn around something that we perceive as “bad” to find the good in it.
Prior to my accident, I would see kids and adults riding down our street without helmets and barely notice. Now, I have the urge to go full-on "old lady on the porch shaking her fist." 
As promised in the video, we've included a listing of local resouces and support for kiddos and parents struggling to navigate mental health challenges.
As more and more North Texans receive the COVID-19 vaccine, more and more questions whirl in our minds: Can we hug Grandma? Can we travel? Do we still need the mask?
As women, we’re always working against biology’s clock when it comes to having children. Being proactive about seeking answers is one of the most important things a woman can do.
My mother-in-law and a few random people on the Internet tried telling me I was "too young" to be having my tubes removed, and that I would regret it later in life when I want more kids.
How many women have died since you’ve been reading this blog? Too many. Which is why I’m asking, pleading with all my heart, that you follow these steps to boost your heart’s health.

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Guide to Pregnancy & Birth

We've done the searching and placed all sorts of resources in one spot. From doctors to birthing options and options for resources, like belly binding or chiropractic care, this guide has something for everyone.