What you may not realize is how COVID-19 is interfering with blood and plasma donations. With people social distancing and hunkering down at home, blood and plasma donations have taken a massive hit.
The combo of essential oils, standing on my head, nasal spray, vitamins, caffeine, green tea, and zinc really won’t change things in a major way for me. Been there and done all that. Love the kind sentiment but advice gets old. My medical team is on it; I promise. 
No matter where you fall personally on your thoughts on COVID, consider the heroes in healthcare and other essential workers. For their sake, please don’t be cavalier about compliance.
The first thing you should always do is clean ALL the bedding (pillows included) and clothes in HOT water and dry in HIGH heat.
A local mom introduces Penny, her son's nebulizer used to treat his asthma.

Meet Penny

Calling the nebulizer, Penny, started out as a joke, but by now, it’s become a matter of fact acknowledgement of how important she is to my son.
He seemed like a very nice guy when we met him. He seemed to bring happiness to Mary's life. She seemed in love with the perfect guy. Little did we know, he often raised his hand to harm to her.
Before I became a mom, I thought I was okay and that I had healed from my childhood. However, after my daughter was born, I quickly found out that I hadn't. I have been a mother for two and a half years, and I am just scraping the tip of the iceberg of my trauma.

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