Every month that passes with no explanation as to why we are unable to get pregnant is just incredibly disheartening, so the inability to continue with our infertility treatments sometimes feels like another nail in the coffin of our dreams of growing our family.
Fertility issues are very present and will continue to be -- but the issues are not without hope and, yes, even healing. 
Chat with the office manager or administration to create a wish list on Amazon for office supplies and food items for the office kitchen. Not only can you purchase an item or two from that list, but you can also share the link and spread the word.
Ask yourself, or even ask your kid, how can I help my child to feel safer? Then do that thing. Maybe that means taking the day away from technology to just BE next to each other and be more present.
Here are some tips, not just to help you get through it, but to go beyond that and actually find some joy in the midst of it.
With all the buzz about the coronavirus, what do you need to know when it comes to travel and the health of your family? Dr. Bryan Youree, a physician with Fort Worth's own Texas Centers for Infectious Disease Associates, answered ALLLLLL the questions running through our mama minds.
Whether the stressor is the sound of gunfire, losing your baby in utero, being sleep deprived for months on end, or finding out he or she has a life-threatening illness, the internal reaction in the body is the same.

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