Consent isn't "a one and done" lesson or chat. This should be a topic that is brought up frequently in all kinds of situations so kids become comfortable with it. 
The Fort Worth Moms team interviewed Fort Worth Children's Dentistry for the "Food Fights" editorial series to find out if what our kids eat and drink impact their oral health -- and a few other questions plaguing our minds.
Instead of dreaming for this phase to end, there are ways to make mealtimes pleasant and enjoyable for the whole family starting right now. Let me share a few general tips on how de-stress mealtimes at home.
The learning curve to a newly diagnosed allergy may feel steep, but I promise it gets easier and more intuitive with time. It requires retraining your thinking and figuring out tricks along the way.
Is dieting good for your emotional and mental health, and ultimately physical health?

A Case Not to Diet

Diets are not all bad, per se, and they obviously help tons of people lose weight and grow into a more healthy lifestyle, but for some (like me) dieting has wreaked havoc on my mental state when it came to how I viewed myself, my body, and food.
But what about if you are dealing with an aging family member (parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle)? What do you say and look for when your food fights are with your elders, not your children?
So it's no wonder that most of us have used comfort foods to soothe uncomfortable emotions at some point. I mean, it works . . . temporarily. Personally I've eaten away sadness, anger, boredom, anxiety, you name it. And yeah, it helped me to escape my awareness of that feeling . . . temporarily. 

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