When kids are roughhousing or playing sports, it's not a matter of "if" your kid will get hurt, it's more a matter of "when." That doesn't mean they should stop playing (I mean, kids are going to find a way to get bumps and bruises, even if we wrap them in protective bubble wrap), it just means that as parents we need to be prepared.
There are a lot of opinions out there about the appropriate age to start mammograms, to stop mammograms, and how often to get them. I’m of the opinion that you should start at 40 and get them annually.
Although I haven't been to therapy since my time in the hospital, there are many things I learned while in outpatient therapy that have stuck with me.
Are you 100 percent sure your child (of any age) is buckled properly in his or her child car seat? After getting your car seat checked through SaveMeWithASeat.org, you won't question or doubt . . . you'll KNOW that your child is safely secured.  
At the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth, cancer accounts for about 25 percent of patients’ diagnoses. We support them in the best way possible because we believe that a family with a sick child needs help for the whole family, not just the sick child. 
Western Wishes is dedicated to granting wishes to children at Western events. The goal is to take a "wish kid" behind the scenes and introduce them to cowboys and cowgirls, while providing an experience that makes them feel special and part of the action.
August rolled on and my husband and I began noticing white spots forming on the back of his neck, then on his torso, and in other places on his body. As I tried not to freak out, but ever the worry wart, I began to Google. (Note: Never, EVER Google.)

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