I think kids need to have age-appropriate awareness of serious issues. Problems like rape, human trafficking, and pornography can affect his or her life and should be discussed.
New baby in the house or on the way? Does the question of breastfeeding have your head spinning? Tarrant County has a plethora of knowledge to help answer your questions and guide you to make the choices best for your family. 
I know my teenage son sees his future with an excited, adventurous heart. But there are a few things I hope he knows or is willing to learn as he enters this upcoming season of life. 
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Enjoy the sweet memories of snuggling on the couch and bedtime kisses but appreciate the independent, free-thinker you are raising.
I know that lots of parents find themselves wanting time to stop, or at least slow down so that you can stay little forever. While I get where they’re coming from (and if you ever become a parent one day, you will, too), I have to say that I don’t share the sentiment.
Football season is upon us, mamas. It seems like most of us either dread or celebrate the arrival of football, without much middle ground. If you are one of the latter, like me, you may be in search of...
Every child is different from the moment they are conceived, but there are milestones to keep track of, both in the womb and after birth. 

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