Many parents have children who are feeling the effects of isolation. Use this list to bring joy and hope into Easter as you teach them bigger life lessons about love and sacrifice. 
In the end, I learned that one month was never meant to cover a whole year's worth of cultural pride. It was a moment to be recharged, reinvigorated, and inspired to pursue ongoing cultural investigation and activity.
Here are some fun holiday craft ideas for your toddler that you probably already have all the supplies for.
Songs like Mele Kalikimaka are great to add to a holiday playlist.

Check Your (Play)List Twice

Here are several out-of-the-box songs that might not make your typical top ten list, but they're amazing all the same and can be perfect additions to your favorite holiday activity. 
I will never forget the laugh we all had a few years ago as our oldest son discovered his codename was "Sugar Plum."
Christmas Elves featured

How Do You “Elf”?

I started seeing all the cute things other people did with the elf every morning. Man, people got creative! Jealousy started creeping in. Not because I felt bad for neglecting my children of the fun, but because I wanted in on the fun! 
Growing up most of us had family traditions that were passed down from generation to generation. I told my mother the other day, I remember as a child we use to get oranges and pecans in our stocking.

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