50 Show-and-Tell Ideas


Show and tell teaches public speaking.

Show and tell is an interactive and fun way for kids to showcase something unique about themselves. It teaches them about public speaking, and it allows them to share something new to their friends. This list provides a few ideas for different items, persons, memories, activities, or concepts your child can use for the next show and tell. 

Items from Nature and Travel

1. A flag from another country

2. A plant that your child takes care of

3. A really big or interesting rock 

4. A sand dollar or seashell

5. Flowers from your garden

6. Seeds that your child can plant with classmates

7. Ticket stub from an important event or flight

8. A favorite souvenir from a trip

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Children enjoy planting flowers and seeing things grow.

Unique to Your Child

9. A costume worn for Halloween or in a performance

10. A letter from Santa

11. A painting or sculpture your child created

12. Some of your child’s baby clothes

13. A silly or favorite hat

14. A favorite pair of shoes

15. A collection of items (coins, baseball cars, troll dolls, cars, rocks, etc.)

16. A unique coin (silver dollar, foreign coin, a coin from your child’s birth year)

17. A photo of your child with a prominent figure or celebrity

18. Something that explains your child’s name

19. Something that showcases your child’s favorite number or color

20. Your child’s favorite birthday gift

21. Your child’s journal 

22. A trophy or medal from an event important to your child

23. The nightlight that helps make your child feel safe at night

24. Your child’s favorite stuffed animal or blanket

25. A yearbook 

26. An old report card

27. The hospital bracelet from your child’s birth

28. Your child’s invisible friend

29. A jewelry box 

30. Your child’s piggy bank

A girl presents her project to the classroom.

Special to Your Family

31. A family member or a photo of a family member

32. A special family heirloom

33. A pet or a photo of a pet

34. A favorite family photo

35. Your family crest 

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Show-and-Tell Activities to Share with the Class

36. A magic trick

37. A marble run maze

38. A science project

39. A puzzle your child completed or plans to complete

40. A treasure map or treasure hunt activity

41. A building block creation

42. An instrument your child plays or a photo of an instrument

43. Ballet or tap shoes

44. Your child’s favorite board game

45. A baseball bat, tennis racquet, or other important piece of sports equipment

46. Your child’s bike or scooter

47. A dance or series of dance moves your child can teach

48. A favorite movie

49. A family favorite recipe

50. A favorite book to read to the classroom

What was your favorite show-and-tell experience as a child? Any other ideas to share? 



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