In all honesty, my 20s and 30s were rough. I have many fond memories, had some great jobs, took some fun trips, and met some incredible people, but I still wasn’t really sure who I was or who I wanted to be.
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Seasons of Mom-ing

Life comes at us fast! We have seasons of life, we have seasons of marriage and friendship, and we have seasons of parenting. My hope is that this message can help fellow moms gain a bit of self awareness and perspective.
I can despise being an emptying nester and being in this unchartered territory, spoken about only in hushed whispers, or I can stake my claim in this season and relish all the moments that led to this and every tiny win I experience here.
I will always want to be with you. I will still find ways to sneak away with you on on quiet afternoons, relishing whatever moments we can steal together.
Let me start with a question that seems simple but is so complicated to a mom: Why do YOU feel so guilty about resting?
Here I am with three children who are well past the baby phase, and yet I have not gotten a single night of good night of rest in the last six years. (Insert loud sobs.)
The awareness towards postpartum depression and anxiety in the past years are huge steps in the right direction, but if you are a first-time mother, healing and mental health might not be in the forefront of your baby preparations. Here are just a few tid-bits of advice from a mama who has been there.

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