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Women sit and laugh over lunch.As a mom of two, I know it is so important to have mom friends who are weathering the same season as you. Someone to share that potty-training mishap story or to laugh about how the laundry never seems to end! A great way to make some new mom friends is by joining one of Fort Worth Moms many community groups! Each community group is organized by either region or topic.

We have groups for different areas of the metroplex and groups for different topics. Are you a mom of multiples looking for other mom friends? Are you a single mom? Did you adopt your child? We have groups for each of these! Our community groups are a great way to get more involved with your area and make some mom friends!

I serve the Fort Worth Moms team as the community groups coordinator. Our team is currently looking for several leaders for community groups. Keep reading to find out what you can gain by joining — and how to apply!

A Parenting Resource

These groups are the place to look when you need help with the different seasons of your life. Our leaders post articles written by other moms like you and include topics about what’s going on that weekend, guides for food, restaurants, and more around you. There is also helpful advice from other moms who have been through it! 

Playdates and Meetup Opportunities

Our community groups are a great place to find playdate and meetup opportunities happening in your area. At least once every few months our leaders hold a playdate or other meetups.

Sometimes it’s a meetup just for the moms, a dinner date or meeting for coffee. These are the prime opportunities to make mom friends.

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A Safe Space

Most of all, the community groups are a safe space for you to open up about being a mother and find solidarity with other moms. Sometimes you need a place where you can just vent about the one thing that your child did for the umpteenth time, right? This is that place! 

We are celebrating the seventh anniversary of our community groups, and we would love for you to join and help lead one of these groups.

Several women sit on a wall with their legs crossed.When I work with the women who are the leaders, I have a special connection with them. I enjoy watching them grow within the group. The leader posts are engaging and fun for the group. The leaders really get to know the other moms in their group and then apply what relates to them. 

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Being a community group leader creates a greater connection with the moms in your area. You get to help them find resources and support from other moms. And by doing so you develop friendships with these moms.

Think this sounds like something you might be interested in? If you want more information about being a Fort Worth Moms community group leader, please visit our Join Our Community Groups page. If you simply want to join a group (or two or three), you can find a complete list of groups on our Meet Moms page.

Here’s the list of community groups currently needing leaders:

We can’t wait to meet you, friend! 


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