There's a lot of debate over discipline in the parenting world, and the issue grows more complicated when kids grow into teens.  Whatever side of the line you stand on in the discipline debate, the main thing is that we don't stand in the way of letting natural consequences teach our teens about life.
Now that I'm a mama to a hard-headed child, I get why my parents were always so frustrated with me. However, I chose not to keep doing things the way they were. When my daughter does something I think is inappropriate, I stop and think about WHY she's doing this thing.
Lower yourself below the child’s height, just like how a lifeguard might have to go underwater to then come up behind a drowning victim. Positioning yourself below your toddler’s height can allow your toddler to better hear you and for you to better hear your toddler. 
How to discipline your child

Impatient Parent Problems

He does try to make sure he progresses in his discipline and doesn't start off with the harshest consequence. I, on the other hand, always fall victim to my patience (or lack thereof). I am a self-proclaimed IMPATIENT PARENT.
If I tried to take away a favorite item of my daughter's, she could care less! If I tried to get my son to clean his room by offering praise or positive incentives, he would be living in a trash pile. They have different motivators, but those motivators are pretty easy to spot.
Nip bad choices in the bud early so the child can start to understand what will and won't be accepted in your home. 
We can validate the emotion, tell the story of what happened, and give appropriate choices, even if the reason they are crying seems ridiculous to us.

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