My biggest dislike about the current situation is the sudden, massive increase in technology use. I think for the ages of my children, technology is not the best approach for learning. And, the lack of hands-on experiences are frustrating the kids. Basically, it’s okay for school maintenance, but would 100% not work for the long term.
I'm an introvert at heart and am truly relishing the lack of places and functions I have to go to at the moment. It's not that I don't enjoy it when I do go places, but it's pretty draining and takes away from other things I love, like sitting on the couch with my husband and reading a good book.
I don't know when or where the notion appeared in modern motherhood that mothers were to be the end all be all for our kids, but that notion is killing our moms' hearts and minds.
I love being able to tell my kids when they can come out of their rooms, eat breakfast, turn on the television, etc. and hold them accountable for managing their time.
We avoid birthday parties, crowded spaces, and family gatherings. Even an empty park can be a challenge. Recently, I took the kiddos to a neighborhood park, and my son spent most of the time throwing a tantrum and rolling around in a dirt field beside the playground.
As kids grow up, they’re better able to be informed and coached about how to identify and respond to toxicity in relationships, even when it’s a family member.
We haven't failed or won anything if our lives look like or don't look like what we see on a screen, meme, or advertisement. Our lives can be beautifully mediocre and less than impressive to some.

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Don’t Forget to Feed Me :: How Your Kids Can Help...

With two-thirds of Americans being pet owners, the need to provide pet food to those experiencing economic uncertainty is real and immediate. By providing pet owners with pet food, Don’t Forget to Feed Me Pet not only ensures that owners are able to feed themselves, but that pets receive food that is nutritionally appropriate for animals.