You haven’t come right out and said it but I know that you feel it. Even though we’re several years into parenthood, I haven’t yet figured out how to share my attention, affection, and acts of love between you and our daughter. 
I'm keeping my eyes on the prize: Filling up their little hearts with love, regardless of what I think I should be doing or what other moms do. What matters is that I want my children to be so certain of my love for them that when I need to get onto them or correct something, they don't wither. I believe a kiddo, who feels loved, is resilient.
Each of these components work together to bring calm and order, saving your family from the tyranny of chaos and emotion.
When interviewing a childcare provider or person, use different types of questions to help determine if its the right fit for your family.
Be the parents who refuse to give in to a parenting philosophy that can disable your children’s ability to cope with obstacles as a natural part of life. Don’t parent out of a fear that tells you to smooth out all the bumps for your beloveds and make things easy for them. Teach them that failure and course correcting are part of how we learn.
We all face different challenges each day. As a mother we want to shield our children from the bad obstacles, but I am here to say that we need to let our children fail. I want my daughter to fail because if I don't let her fail then I'm not trying.
We have quiet time every day. What I call quiet time is essentially a glorified mandatory time of rest in the afternoon. For our family, this period has ranged between one and three hours over the years.

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