I love your appetite for knowledge, and I hope you to continue to nurture that strong sense of curiosity. Keep asking the questions, and also don’t be satisfied for the trite answers.
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I often wonder about the other actions I take or decisions I need to make to show them what they are worth and capable of not only now but also later in life.
Over the years, Fort Worth Moms has had several articles, as well as a Momfessions Podcast episodes, that address child abuse. Some are about parenting after being a victim of abuse and other are specific to what to do. 
To begin, make a list of the attitude or mindset you would like to focus on and manifest. This can be anything from thinking more positive than negative thoughts throughout the day, having more patience, or bringing a sense of calm serenity into your life.
I want to capitalize on these moments of HARD by showing them my most nurturing side. I want us to face difficulty as a team! Cheesy sounds good to me, if it means my child's bucket is filled up by me RIGHT when it is the most empty. 
If you’re looking for some of our readers top picks in parenting books, you can find a full list — organized topically — right this way. If podcasts are more your speed, prepare to fill up your queue with 25 favorites from our Fort Worth Moms audience.

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