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Adoption is a complex way to build a family, beginning from a primary loss experienced by all parties.
Here are three things your toddler and tween need from you as they traverse two incredibly tricky life stages.
Being an older parent has its disadvantages. For example, my age is screaming at me as I pick up my toddler and my knees creak. But there are also unique advantages that I love for us. 
Understanding your trauma, the warning signs, and your triggers are so important. 
I remember her gray hair and amused smile, there in the baby aisle at Target. I wrestled my two small sons very late in my third pregnancy. She clucked her tongue and said, "Oh, enjoy it while you can....
In my many years of surrounding myself with young people, I have seen how unkind children and adolescents can be.
Dear Daughter, I had given up dreams of you. I remember the exact moment this happened. We were volunteering in the church nursery, and I was refastening the buckle on a toddler girl’s black patent shoes. The thought suddenly crossed my...

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