Jennifer was raised in Louisiana and moved to DFW right after college. She's been in Texas for 16 years. She and her husband have two beautiful daughters who are as different as night and day. That second born keeps everyone on their toes! Jennifer is a full-time stylist for a subscription company while her husband’s career takes him all over the world. While they’re never sure when and where he will be, Jennifer has become quite adept at balancing work from home while also being a stay-at-home mom with the two year old constantly by her side. When not at home, Jennifer is running the girls to all their extracurricular activities or squeezing in family road trips. Her goal is to take her girls to all 50 states.
An organized closet feels fresh, airy, and clean, just in time for Spring.

Spring Cleaning Your Closets

It's that time of year -- spring cleaning season. It's time to freshen up our inside to match the outside, and the best place to start, in my opinion, is the wardrobe. Put closets at the top of your list and get it done quickly with these tips.
A Native American girl wrapped in a Navajo blanket with a sun beam behind her.

Day of Mourning :: How to Recognize as a Family

Education and awareness are powerful tools to help us remember what's important, to know the truth of our American history and not some watered-down version that depicts everyone as welcoming and loving.

Where to Listen to Country Music in North Texas

If you're a country music lover, here are a few festive concerts and events you can attend with your partner, friends, and family!
A Native American family sits close together with traditional blankets and jewelry on.

Advice for Native American Mothers from a Local Native American Mom

My advice to anyone who is Native -- even if they were not raised in the culture -- is to learn the culture.
A nurse holds the hands of an older person in a nursing home.

What It’s Like to Take Care of Grandparents

We've discussed nursing homes, assisted living, and even a tiny home on our own property. These have been stressful conversations but they are important because we all have to feel confident and comfortable about her living conditions.
A rock painted with the words "You Rock."

How to Become a Local Rock Artist

At first, I thought it was silly. However, when my daughter found a rock at our local park, I knew it was a new hobby we'd have to start together.
A girl takes a lesson on a horse.

Want to Sign Up Your Child for Horseback Riding Lessons?

It seems every little girl wants to take horseback riding lessons. Here's what to consider.