Beth and Emily talk discipline fatigue, how the pandemic changed their approach, and how to handle all the discipline issues with teachers, grandparents, etc.
Take a listen as grandmothers for all walks of life share the burdens and beauty of their grandmothering experiences.
Warning: You will crave cornbread dressing, chicken and dumplings, and (maybe) corned beef and cabbage after you listen to this episode.
Beth and Emily dive deep into this topic, so moms can find space for "me time" instead of drowning in guilt and shame.
This episode is also known as the jackpot of parenting. Hear GREAT tips and encouragements from mothers, who have already walked through the middle school years with their kiddos.
The ladies are talking dirty -- dirty laundry, that is. All three tackle the laundry in different ways.
More than anything, we hope our discussion prompts you to think through how YOU are flipping the script -- and maybe even what you want that script to be.

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