Episode 21 finds Beth and Emily chatting about childhood milestones -- ones their kids missed, how they handled it, and what they did and didn't stress about. Also, joining Momfessions Podcast is a special guest from My Health My Resources Tarrant County.
For this milestone episode, Beth and Emily get quite the laugh as they discuss "Ridiculous Mom Worries." Take a listen, empathize with them, and share your own stories,
This episode is all about expectations versus reality: What is it really like parenting toddlers? And answering that ever important question: What do I wish I knew? Beth, Emily, and few more friends sit down to share wisdom learned in the toddler trenches.
The pelvic floor area -- yes, you have one of those -- changes as age, stress, and/or childbirth become part of our stories. Lacey answers some straightforward questions and gives honest asnwers about pain, intercourse struggles, incontinence, and more in this epsiode.
This is a rather juicy episode where we go bold or go home: We are talking about uninvovled grandparents.
No matter the hue of your skin or the texture of you hair, these are conversations we need to have with each other -- mother to mother. Those discussions can foster ideas that will impact our parenting, and that parenting will impact the future our children inherit.
With lines like "you can trust yourself around food," and disecting the shame cycle that sometimes surrounds dieting, this is an important, practical, and helpful listen for any woman -- mom or not.

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