I missed my last opportunity to look over their shoulder and read their writing in real-time. I'll never again greet them by name as they walk into my class and laugh when they roll their eyes at my jokes.  
My biggest dislike about the current situation is the sudden, massive increase in technology use. I think for the ages of my children, technology is not the best approach for learning. And, the lack of hands-on experiences are frustrating the kids. Basically, it’s okay for school maintenance, but would 100% not work for the long term.
Welcome to the first ever (and hopefully last) “Ultimate Guide to Teacher Appreciation During a Pandemic.” (Now, there’s a sentence we never thought we’d type.) Although the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we do school, it does not change the impact teachers made and are still making for our kids this school year.
There will be days when everything goes as planned and there will be days when every 30-minute block of time can be a battle. Some days it's all I can do to get my son to log in to his coursework — forget about doing any work. Then other times, he would work so long, without a fuss, that he even surprised himself.
In the end, I learned that one month was never meant to cover a whole year's worth of cultural pride. It was a moment to be recharged, reinvigorated, and inspired to pursue ongoing cultural investigation and activity.
Local moms in Fort Worth and surrounding areas can use this Guide to Private Schools to help find the right program for their family. The guide is brought to you by Fort Worth Moms and The Oakridge School.
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