I thought I'd share a crowd-sourced list of ways you can help your child's teacher — and not seem like a suck-up. I polled a bunch of my girlfriends (some of whom are former teachers themselves) and many moms in the work room at my son's school, so you can rest assured these are tried-and-true tips from more than just me. 
My argument was that it's absolutely healthy for parents to have an emotional response as their children progress through the various stages of development. Parents aren't sad their children are growing up. Instead it's a longing for the days when their sweet baby nestled his or her head under their chin to settle down for a nap. There is an awareness that those moments are gone.
When I became a mom and held my daughter in my arms for the first time, I took a vow to protect her and support her unrelentingly and to do all that I could to make her always feel...
Teachers are the unsung heroes of our society. They bring smiles and hugs and joy and energy and relentless patience to our babies every day. Here are a few reasons why I think kindergarten teachers pretty much hung the moon.
I've felt the jitters and excitement of walking into the doors the very first morning, finding the kindergarten hall; I've beamed with pride when we've walked through those doors feeling more comfortable, more at home. But I've learned that it doesn't just have to be kindergarten drop-off that gets you teary-eyed. Seeing those stairs to the third grade hall ripped my heart in half.
At The Children’s Courtyard ® , you’ll find way more than just daycare. Its early childhood education experience begins in warm, nurturing, infant classrooms, and continues through programs for school-age students.
We know that day in mid-August is coming, so we're doing a few things to prepare him— and us—for the inevitable: kindergarten.

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