In the end, I learned that one month was never meant to cover a whole year's worth of cultural pride. It was a moment to be recharged, reinvigorated, and inspired to pursue ongoing cultural investigation and activity.
Local moms in Fort Worth and surrounding areas can use this Guide to Private Schools to help find the right program for their family. The guide is brought to you by Fort Worth Moms and The Oakridge School.
You are in charge of your professional and personal destiny.

Moms Making Career Moves

Believe it or not, some jobs don't require you to have experience in the industry. A lot of the skills you have now are transferable.
Fort Worth Moms is proud to bring you the inaugural "Guide to Private Schools in Tarrant County." A big thank you to our sponsor, The Oakridge School for making this guide possible. We have featured educational options all across Tarrant County to help you find the right fit for your family. 
Manners is something almost everyone expects from children but how much time do we really spend teaching them? These books were a great refresher for everyone the importance of manners. These are my children's favorite books from the library box.
I thought I'd share a crowd-sourced list of ways you can help your child's teacher — and not seem like a suck-up. I polled a bunch of my girlfriends (some of whom are former teachers themselves) and many moms in the work room at my son's school, so you can rest assured these are tried-and-true tips from more than just me. 
My argument was that it's absolutely healthy for parents to have an emotional response as their children progress through the various stages of development. Parents aren't sad their children are growing up. Instead it's a longing for the days when their sweet baby nestled his or her head under their chin to settle down for a nap. There is an awareness that those moments are gone.

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Let's clink together some chilled glasses of lemonade and make a toast -- we made it to summer! We've gathered a list of family friendly events for your family to do this June.