Education. As a mother, it’s almost safe to say there is nothing more important in raising a child. The education category is intended to be a resource for mothers, whether your kiddos are in preschool, kindergarten, elementary, or high school. Topics range from parent-teacher gifts to STAAR testing, and more.

Fort Worth Moms publishes original, personal stories and advice from local moms, as well as relevant and fun information for those of us in the trenches of parenthood. 

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Like most parents, my hopes for my child are for his safety, happiness, and success. To that end, I expect the school I entrust my child with to provide for his safety, happiness, and to assist in building the...
Designs by Kristi - Art and Art School specializes in teaching art to kiddos and commissioning drawings for lovely, local Fort Worth Families. I adore children, and have known since I was young that I wanted to teach. I taught art...
I am so grateful to have been a part of such a remarkable program. I have grown in so many ways, and I am thankful for all the staff and leadership that pour into our development. Being a part of the youth orchestra has helped shape my life and prepared me for what lies ahead.
Children can appear to progress through their elementary education, outwardly demonstrating the conceptual, arithmetic framework necessary to tackle the algebra series, and then onto higher geometry and trigonometry, when, in fact, their incredibly talented and adaptable minds have simply stored enough information to perform adequately on standardized tests and homework during the school year. This result allows everyone to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the summer activities, and hopefully be excited to start the next school year. Suddenly your little one tells you they hate math, That, and the necessary full-contact evenings of homework cage fighting matches to get it done, certainly take their toll on your child's self-esteem.
Gift cards to Starbucks and Target are always "appreciated," but these local, creative gifts for teachers will make them feel extra special.
While a school has a culture and identity as a whole, individual classrooms vary. The single biggest factor in those classrooms is the teacher. The teacher is the king of the classroom, yielding a surprising amount of power and...
I never thought I would homeschool. Even though I was homeschooled for half of my education, I never saw it in my future. Not because I thought I wasn't smart enough or that I didn't want to be with...

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