Valerie was raised in a small town in south Texas and met her husband in Aggieland. They moved to Fort Worth in 2007 and are now happily raising three wild-hearted children. She is a part-time homeschooling mama and spends most days in parks, libraries, or a grocery store. She loves coffee, music, road-trips, any new health fad, and well-written children's books. Valerie is also a portrait photographer and has photographed the journey of motherhood from pregnancy and birth to breastfeeding and beyond for DFW families for more than 10 years.
Children with anxiety do well with routine.

Eight Tried-and-True Tips to Parent a Child with Anxiety

If you have a child with any level of anxiety, here are some things our family has found very helpful. I hope these suggestions bring you a bit of relief or help. 
early screening

A Day in the Life of a Busy Mom

We haven't failed or won anything if our lives look like or don't look like what we see on a screen, meme, or advertisement. Our lives can be beautifully mediocre and less than impressive to some.
Hugging and touching your child can help your connection and relationship.

Connection Check-in

Use eye contact, physical touch, and unplugged quiet time to help develop a closer connection with your child.
Creating a weekly planner can make your week run smoother.

Weekly Routines :: How to Prep for a Great Week

I do not like to waste any time. If I am waiting for karate or dance practice to be over, I use this time to update my planner or return emails or phone calls so I am more available when my kids are not busy.
Use household items to make easy Christmas crafts with your toddler.

10 Christmas Crafts for Toddlers (that Don’t Require Going to the Craft Store)

Here are some fun holiday craft ideas for your toddler that you probably already have all the supplies for.

National Cupcake Day :: Gluten-Free Style

If you are gluten-free, National Cupcake Day can be another day that pops up that leads to a deep sigh and an internal voice that says, "You can't have any of those or you belly will explode."

10 Fun Books on Manners for Kids

Manners is something almost everyone expects from children but how much time do we really spend teaching them? These books were a great refresher for everyone the importance of manners. These are my children's favorite books from the library box.