Suzy joined the Fort Worth Moms (FWM) team in August 2021 as the community groups coordinator. In that role, she manages the 20 moms groups FWM offers to mothers in North Texas. Suzy is also a writer for FWM. Suzy was born and raised in Arlington. She comes from a big family. As the oldest of six, Suzy has always been the mama bear to friends and family alike. She is happily married to her best friend of 10 years, and they have two young children, Aurora (2016) and Benjamin (2019).
A young family celebrates Passover

Passover with Kids :: How to Simplify the Holiday

Over the years and with help from great Jewish resources, we have figured out ways to make it a bit shorter and more enjoyable for the whole family.

Mom’s Recipes for Hanukkah

As my kids get older, it is nice to have them joining me in the kitchen more to create recipes and continue the traditions.
home fire safety plans

7 Home Fire Safety Tips from a Firefighter Family

Many local fire departments have citizens fire academy in which residents can learn about what the fire department does and teaches fire safety.
A family reads a book together.

Thanksgiving Reads for the Whole Family

As a reader, I love to dig out books each year to read for different seasons. Fall and Thanksgiving are some of my favorites.

How This Fort Worth Mom Celebrates the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot

Doing things in your area that celebrate the local harvest is a great way to celebrate Sukkot. 
Young children laying on their stomaches in the grass reading.

Resources to Help with Summer Reading

Reading in summer is a fantastic opportunity to not only strengthen your kiddo's reading skills but also build a love for reading.
A boy holds a wooden grogger.

Celebrating Purim :: Fun Activities for the Whole Family

This is a joyous holiday and is often referred to as the Jewish Halloween. It is a time to let loose and rejoice!