How This Fort Worth Mom Celebrates the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot


Sukkot is a weeklong and very joyous holiday celebrating the harvest. During Sukkot (soo- kowt), we build a hut called a sukkah where you eat your meals. Some people even live or sleep in their sukkahs!

The hut is normally made of straw and branches and has at least three walls and the roof has openings to see the sky.

As a Jewish mother, Sukkot is such a fun holiday. It is a great occasion to get the kids involved. I really enjoy watching my kids try new fruits, help build the sukkah, and engaging with them as we spend time in the sukkah. 

But can be built with any materials you have. It is fun for a synagogue to build together or a family to build a small one at home. Some even build it in their house instead of outside so that their family can share meals in it. Here in Texas it isn’t always guaranteed that it will be cool enough yet when Sukkot comes to eat outside in the sukkah. Our family has built a small sukkah inside the house for the kids to eat and play in. 

A sukkah hut for the Jewish holiday Sukkot.

The Traditions

There are rituals that go along with Sukkot. In commemoration of the bounty of the harvest, we hold and shake four species of plants, consisting of palm, myrtle, and willow (lulav), together with citron (etrog). On each day of the festival we take these, recite a blessing over them, bring them together, and wave them in all six directions: right, left, forward, up, down, and backward. The kids love to participate in this part as they get to swing these around. 

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The goal is to spend as much time in the Sukkah during the holiday as possible. At the very minimum, meals should be eaten there, particularly the festival meals on the first two nights. Our family loves to dine on recipes that are good for the heart and soul.

There’s tons of music and celebration during this time. Many nights are spent dancing and singing inside the sukkah. Torah readings are done as we finish up the high holiday season and focus on learning and devotion for the new year. 

Celebrating this holiday as a family brings much joy and is a time to introduce new fruits into children’s lives. It is customary to focus on seasonal goods, but also to have children try foods such as dates, pumpkins, or squashes. 

A fun family tradition we have is to go to a local farmer’s market and pick out some seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is also fun to go apple picking, if that is available to you. Doing things in your area that celebrate the local harvest is a great way to celebrate Sukkot. 

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The Clearfork Farmers Market is a favorite of ours, as well as the Cowtown Farmers Market and the Keller Farmers Market. There are farmers markets all over the metroplex, so check them out! 

A few great books to read with the family about Sukkot include: 

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  1. Suzy – thank you for sharing. I am embarrassed to admit that I was not familiar with this Jewish holiday. I love the purpose and can imagine that your kids love it. I will share the idea with my family and see if we can adapt it for our family.


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