Laurie was born in Fort Worth but grew up in Portland, Oregon. Teaching and family brought her back to Texas after completing her graduate work at Oregon State. She has been married to her husband Darien for almost ten years, and they have three young kids; 7, 5, and 4. No longer a public school teacher, Laurie spends her time running her small business, embracing her role as "household manager," and advocating for children with neurodiverse needs. She writes most frequently about autism acceptance through her blog Living Divergent.

Sewing: A Hobby that Gives Back

I've given a lot to my sewing hobby over the years, the last two in particular, and it's given me so much more in return.
A family of mixed skin tones holds hands.

Celebrating Black History Authentically as a Transracial Family

We talk about Black history, about being Black, and what that means or doesn't mean all year long. But during Black History Month, we go extra. 
A teacher helps a student at a desk.

Choosing One Child’s Educational Needs Over the Others

I titled this article "When the School Year Isn't Going the Way You Hoped" intentionally because the school year likely feels pretty normal to my son by now.
A bunch of suitcases are packed and by the door for Thanksgiving break.

So Long, Stuffing :: Redefining Thanksgiving Family Traditions

Holidays don't have to continue to be what they have always been to be special. Holidays are special because they enrich our lives and honor what we care about, and the act of celebrating...

My Scheduled Cesarean Section

Right or wrong, or perhaps just a highly personal and individual decision, I have no emotional or moral attachment to how my babies are delivered.
facial laser

Laser Therapy :: Beat Melasma with This Beauty Tool

A 10-minute procedure at the end of each summer versus prescription cream for half the year definitely fits into my lazy girl beauty routine.
Moms love a good set of pajamas.

The Ultimate Guide to Stylish and Comfortable Pajamas for Women

I compiled a list of feedback from the women who responded, divided the options into categories by price point, and dug wholeheartedly into pajama research.