Heather E

Heather E
Heather has called the Fort Worth area home for more than 25 years, after growing up as an Army brat and preacher’s kid. She’s married to her college sweetheart, Chris (Sic ‘Em Bears). They’re parents to three teens – Collin (age 21), Cooper (age 19), and Caris (age 15). Heather is an adoption social worker and her first book Chase the Kingdom: Finding Purpose Through the book of Esther was published in September 2019. She’s passionate about God’s Word, long conversations over a cup of coffee, cheering on other moms, and her organization Box Club, a community of moms learning to flourish with emptying nests.
There's many opportunities to volunteer and help foster children and families.

Change the Lives of Foster Kids {Without Becoming a Foster Parent}

Some people are able to become foster parents. But, if not, then you can become a babysitter or respite provider for them. If you can’t do that, consider becoming a CASA volunteer. If that’s too much, move toward the need by becoming wrap-around care to families in crisis, foster families, and adoptive parents.
Celebrate a birthday at home with ideas designed to keep you happy and safe.

60 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays (and Maintain Social Distancing)

Celebrate the birthday kiddos with hand-drawn greetings from friends using sidewalk chalk. Neighborhood friends can create chalked greetings in front of their home so that the birthday can be celebrated with a “chalk-walk” through the neighborhood to see all the messages.
A boy jumps in a pair of green froggy rain boots.

Froggy Rain Boots on Sunny Days

Those green frog boots were a battle I was choosing not to fight. They were my compromise, which at times delighted me because I was letting my kid be a kid. Other times, they seemed to taunt me, as if I somehow lacked in mothering because I was being bested by a three year old.
Establish this discipline system at home to teach your child about consequences and rewards.

The Discipline System That Saved Our Family

Each of these components work together to bring calm and order, saving your family from the tyranny of chaos and emotion.
Don't be a mom that mows away problems for your kids, called a lawnmower mom.

Be the Anti-Lawnmower Mom

Be the parents who refuse to give in to a parenting philosophy that can disable your children’s ability to cope with obstacles as a natural part of life. Don’t parent out of a fear that tells you to smooth out all the bumps for your beloveds and make things easy for them. Teach them that failure and course correcting are part of how we learn.
An ill-timed back surgery proves to be just what the doctored ordered for one Fort Worth mom.

The One Where I Got Benched for Christmas

This forced bedrest became the best Christmas gift ever. There simply was not a darn thing I could do, quite literally. No more gifts could be purchased, or events attended, or schedules upheld.

Once Upon a Time, Before Social Media

I know technology has given you many advantages, but I long for you to be able to enjoy your babies without the weight of a watching world.