A Fallopian Tube Removal Follow-Up Story


A woman wears a hospital gown.In February 2020, I gave birth to my son. I knew he would be my last child. After I gave birth, I tried an IUD for birth control with the hopes that it would keep me from getting pregnant while helping with other women’s health issues.

Shocker — It didn’t. I bled for the first three months straight. The cramps were terrible. After three months, my periods were sporadic (even more so than before). They were twice as heavy as they were before. The cramps were so bad I literally couldn’t move.

I had my doctor look at the IUD and come to find out, it had come loose and was no longer in the right place causing all of my issues. I chose to remove it. I couldn’t do the pill (I learned that lesson after getting pregnant with my daughter). I asked what other choices I had.

I knew my tubes could get tied, but that left the chance of ectopic pregnancy. I really wanted to just have my uterus removed and not have to deal with pain anymore and would definitely not be getting pregnant.

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Unfortunately, insurance wouldn’t cover it. But they did cover having my fallopian tubes completely removed! So I said, “Goodbye, fallopian tubes!” and had the surgery.

I wrote an article for Fort Worth Moms about the surgery and recovery process.

Two years later and so much has changed. Here’s my fallopian tube removal follow-up story!

Changes to My Cycle

My first period post-op was HEAVY and PAINFUL. I had my period only two weeks after so everything was still swollen and sore and NOT HAPPY.

The second month was heavy and still painful, but more bearable.

After that, it’s been heavy but only for the first two to three days, compared to before surgery when I would go through a maxi pad every hour for a whole seven days and then have to wear liners for three days after for any spotting I would have.

The cramps aren’t as bad. It’s mainly just one day of painful cramps that make me want to lay down and not do anything.

But I’m a working mom; I don’t have that luxury. So I take diclofenac potassium, as prescribed by my doctor, or an over-the-counter potassium supplement. I am naturally slightly potassium deficient, but I didn’t know that it could make cramps worse! It doesn’t completely stop the cramps, but it does make it bearable and with over-the-counter pain medications, I’m able to go on about my day with little issue.

My cycle is also more regular. Before surgery, I would never know when my period would come. From 13, when I got my period, to 23 when I had surgery, it was like a game of roulette. Now, my cycle is every 28 – 30 days without fail. 

Hormonal Changes and More

Since surgery, I’ve had fewer mood swings. This is because my period is now regular and also because it helped balance a hormone issue I had since I was young. So PMS is not nearly as much of an issue now!

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I also have hormonal acne on my chin. Pre-op, I would have breakouts constantly. Now, I pretty much only have breakouts the week before my period and whenever I end up sleeping in makeup.

My anxiety around having sex with my husband and ending up pregnant by accident was greatly reduced. However, the flip side is that I found out fallopian tubes sometimes grow back —  but it is very rare. So, I do have some anxiety about that.

surgeryOutside Opinions

When I first had surgery, many people came out of the woodwork to put in their two cents. I got everything from, “You’re too young,” to “It’s God’s plan,” to “You’re making a huge mistake and you’re going to regret this.”

Now, I tell people about my experience and my reasoning and I’m usually met with, “Oh my gosh! That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you! Now if only I can convince my doctor to do it for me!”

Even my mother-in-law, who was one of the biggest critics at first, agrees that I made the right decision for my family.

Its nice to have the support of people now, but in the end I’m most happy knowing I did what was best for my body and family.


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