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Don't worry about cleaning the house or making a special meal or baking the best cookies. Invite your friends, as they are, to your home, as it is. If your house isn't perfectly clean, chances are your guests will feel even more at home.
Send the teacher an email that says, "Happy Holidays! I am ordering lunch for you today from Chipotle. What would you like?" or something of the sort.
Whether it was participating in toy drives or throwing holiday parties for women and children in need, helping others to have a better holiday season helps me to focus on the reason for the season. I remember to give to others and to create joy and peace in the lives of others.
Holidays are stressful, but it doesn't help when everyone assumes they know what others want.
When we celebrate Hanukkah and The Festival of Lights, we have many traditions. We light the menorah, recite blessings, and make latkes. But we have been trying to incorporate new traditions to make it even more enticing and fun.
Fort Worth Moms is pleased to bring you the official "2021 Guide to Holiday Activities: Christmas Lights, Family Events, Parades, Santa Events, Stage Shows, and Tree Farms" in Tarrant County and beyond!
I already know I’m going to be emotional when they leave that day, and if I have learned anything in this process that it is okay to grieve during the holidays and even other times that they are not with us.

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