Sana was born and raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands. She moved to Texas in 2013 and has three children. Her first two are one year apart and her youngest was born January 2022. She is a graduate of the University of the Virgin Islands with degrees in communications and accounting. She always had a passion for reading and writing and is growing that love in her children. Sana enjoys finding a great deal, dance parties in the kitchen with all three kids, and her daily cups of coffee.
A paper plate cut into the shape of a crescent moon, painted gold, with a golden star tied to it, reads "Ramadan."

How This Mom Celebrates Ramadan with Her Fort Worth Family

How this mom celebrates Ramadan with her kids in Fort Worth.
Kids kiss their mama who is wearing a head covering.

How Our Family Spends Ramadan

These 30 days of Ramadan can be challenging at times. Even though I'm raising children and working, there is something that makes me look forward to the holiday and the challenge it presents.
boy laughing in theater

FREE (or Almost Free) Summer Fun for Families in the Fort Worth Area

Here are some pocket-friendly and free activities to burn your kiddo's energy.