Adrianne hails from the great city of Chicago, but has been a Texan for eight years now, y’all! She’s married to her wonderful husband, Brandon, who was a long distance, Facebook love that she met thanks to a mutual friend. Together they have a two-year-old daughter named Zoey. She is a professional school counselor and owner of Everyday Occasion event planning. She loves a good celebration and anything Christmas! Motherhood has been the most rewarding and challenging time of her life, and she can’t wait to share it with you!
Toddlers can go from sweet to angry road rage during a road trip.

Bullying Prevention Advice from a School Counselor

In my many years of surrounding myself with young people, I have seen how unkind children and adolescents can be.
Suicide Prevention

5 Signs of Suicide {and Suicide Prevention Resources}

After two dreadful years of quarantines, isolation, sadness, anxiety, and death, we have seen an uptick in adolescents who have died by suicide, made suicide attempts, and outcries. The residual affects of the pandemic are...

Local Student Scholarships in the Fort Worth Area

Local scholarships can provide valuable financial support to students pursuing their academic goals.
An white Easter basket filled with eggs.

Easter Baskets on a Dime

As most mamas know, purchasing Easter baskets at your local grocery store can be pretty costly, so I'm going to share my dollar-store hacks for creating a beautiful basket on a dime. 
A tired mom holds a baby in her arms.

4 Tips for Surviving the Sleeping Woes of Motherhood

I have not slept a full night in an entire year. Yes, you heard me right. I am beat, tired, exhausted, a walking zombie, to say the least. My third trimester was extremely uncomfortable,...
Pan dulce

5 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at School

During Hispanic Heritage Month, which runs form September 15 to October 15, the nation celebrates the remarkable contributions and lives of those of Latin American decent. And you may wonder why the month is...
Middle School Children

7 Tips for Middle School Transition :: Advice from a School Counselor

I have been a middle school educator for 15 years, so I have some pointers for you to make this transition much smoother.