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The academics, he mastered. He mastered them in a heartbeat. It was the "everything else" he wasn't mastering. The listening to directions, keeping hands to oneself, and keeping emotions in check were far from being mastered. We were on the verge of being kicked out of the employee daycare center. Our whole family seemed to be in a downward spiral, and we looked for something, anything, to stop it.
Public school might be the first time your kiddo experiences a cross section of society and has to navigate getting along with people who live a completely different life than he does. This little window of time can change absolutely everything.
'Twas the night before school starts and all through my home, nothing was quiet, not even my phone. The backpacks were packed and lined up by the door. New uniforms were strewn all over the floor.
I had to feed her love of theater, somehow, some way, but I knew that her two brothers and dad still needed to be fed and the mortgage paid, so off I went in search of more affordable options to quench her thirst for the arts. 
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Chloe Is Ugly

All children on campus would step over those words as they raced to recess the following day. My heart just sank. Should I use this as the teaching moment it so obviously is, or should I hightail it out of here after fabricating a rosier version of those spiteful words?
So many fun books for kids are published each year. I love using these two resources to learn about books that I can purchase with confidence for my family and my library. Happy reading!
The beginning of the school year brings with it a new season of moodiness, and grumpiness, and all around unpleasantness in our once joyful, exuberant kids. The witching hour of babyhood returns with a vengeance once children reach elementary school. What can we we do to ease into evenings and make our afternoons just a bit less . . . cranky?

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