Emily H

Emily H
Although born in Austin, Emily grew up on the Eastside of Fort Worth. After marrying her high school sweetheart, and following the military's whims for a few years, the lovebirds wound up back in the Fort, with their three children in tow. Currently, Emily shares her love of books and writing with both her children and her middle school students. On the weekends, you'll find her outside running local streets and trails, as well as being her kids' biggest fan at whatever sport may be in season.
A middle school teacher finds television shows from the 90s are still relevant.

The Relevance of Nostalgic 90s TV

As much as my students see themselves reflected in the main characters, I am reminded I need to be the parent and teacher who is there for them and helps see the valuable lessons in their struggles. 
Songs like Mele Kalikimaka are great to add to a holiday playlist.

Check Your (Play)List Twice

Here are several out-of-the-box songs that might not make your typical top ten list, but they're amazing all the same and can be perfect additions to your favorite holiday activity. 
Spend holidays sharing family stories while enjoying delish food and quality time.

Turkey with a Side of Stories

I'm in the business of stories. As a middle school reading and language arts teacher, and a parent to three little boys who adore stories of all kind, much of my day is spent...
toddler girl

Dear Kid, I Can’t Wait to Meet You

I know that lots of parents find themselves wanting time to stop, or at least slow down so that you can stay little forever. While I get where they’re coming from (and if you ever become a parent one day, you will, too), I have to say that I don’t share the sentiment.
kid wearing pajamas holding bear

Scared Sleepers :: Six Bedtime Tricks for Your Anxious Child

The tips and tricks we have used have allowed our kids to develop healthy sleep habits and also learn techniques that can help them manage stress and anxiety later in their life. More sleep and less stress is result everyone can agree on.
woman grocery shopping

Growing Up in the Grocery Store

Every day I do my best to simultaneously help my kids grow up to be self-sufficient individuals, encourage them to enjoy their childhood, and to simply be in the moment of and spend quality time with them. Strange as it may seem, a necessary trip to the grocery store allows me to do all of those things at once, and that's significantly more than anything Amazon could deliver or Wal-Mart could bring to my car. 
Fourth of July Cards

Thinking Outside the Box :: Fourth of July Cards

The weather is utterly predictable in June. It will be hot. It won't be unbearably so, but it will be hot. However, our summer clothes keep us pretty cool, and it makes it easier to take pictures in the evening or morning. I have no desire to look adorable in jeans, boots, and a sweater in December, only for it to be 80 degrees outside. Hard pass.