Stay Hydrated :: Tips to Help Your Kids Drink and Eat More Water


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When it gets hot outside, we turn up the air conditioning, pull out our tank tops and shorts, and do our best to stay cool. And yet, the moment we walk outside, the sweat beads up and runs down our faces. It’s a recipe for dehydration — and risk the dangers of heat exhaustion or stroke.

Keeping ourselves and our kids hydrated in the face of such heat can be a challenge, but no one wants to stay inside all of May through September. Instead, regulate your body temperature by sipping on a cold liquids, ideally water.

The following tips can help you take action and make sure your family gets enough water, even during the hottest months of the year. 

baby eating watermelon

Eat More Water

It’s not just all about the liquids. Increase your intake of foods with high water content. Cut lots of watermelon and cantaloupe, slice those cucumbers, and feast on apples and strawberries. Make homemade popsicles with hydrating fruits and veggies for an extra cold and tasty treat.

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Buy Reusable Water Bottles

It’s no secret that plastic water bottles can really cause some pain to the environment. Invest in reusable bottles for the whole family to make water portable and enable hydration in any situation. My fam loves ones with straws to make it easy to drink more. When the kids were little, we used these ones from Thermos. Nowadays we all use ones from EcoVessel because they will keep ice for more than 24 hours!

Make Water Accessible and Visible

It’s easier for both kids and adults to drink water when it’s right there. My kids play outside a lot during the summer, so I bought an Igloo water jug to keep liquids cold all day long for easy outdoor hydration. Bring along a small water jug in your car to fill up water bottles when you’re heading out and about for errands or adventures on summer days.

Switch out sugary drinks for water.

Mind Your Minerals

It’s not just about the liquids. Part of hydration is making sure your body has the right balance of electrolytes such as sodium, calcium, and potassium. In addition to drinking plenty of water, make sure you’re getting enough of the other good stuff via foods, supplements, and beverages to keep everything in balance.

Cut the Caffeine

This is a killer for parents, but caffeine is dehydrating. Do your best to reduce your caffeine intake when it’s warm out to make your water consumption more effective. If you can’t go without completely, make small adjustments, like doing a half caffeinated and half decaf mix, or switching iced tea for iced coffee, as tea tends to have less caffeine.

Bring the Flavor

Water can get bland and boring after a time, even for H2O lovers. Consider adding a squeeze of lemon or orange juice to water to add a little something extra to the classic taste. I also occasionally cut up some berries or oranges and toss the slices into a pitcher of water for us to enjoy for the day. If your fam needs the extra boost, you can also buy specific pitchers and bottles that are ideal for adding flavor without too much extra sugar.

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Reduce Options

We all get thirsty more often in the summer, and it’s easy to reach for a soda or juice to quench that thirst, even though the sugary options aren’t near as hydrating. During the hotter months, consider cutting back on non-water beverage purchases. With fewer options, you’re more likely to get more regular water. If you like having more variety, try coconut water instead of juice. It has less sugar and more potassium, which is also important for hydration.

There’s nothing like being outside and enjoying the sunshine and warmth on your skin. You and your family are more likely to enjoy (or at least survive) the heat when you’re fully hydrated!


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